Nutrition expert reveals why your diet isn’t working- insisting you should practice mindful eating

Plenty of us have tried diets only to have them fail shortly afterwards. But Dr Lauryn Lax, a nutritional therapy practitioner from Austin, Texas, explained you might be falling short simply because you are committing one of these common mistakes. Speaking to FEMAIL, Dr Lauryn, who is working with, said people should stop focusing … Read more

Does tea really help with digestion?

If you’ve been dealing with digestion problems like bloating, constipation, or stomach pain, you’ve probably already tried various remedies. In your search for a ‘cure’ to your digestion issue, you may have come across claims that drinking tea can help — well — get things moving again. But does tea really help with digestion, or … Read more

Only seven percent of adults have good cardiometabolic health

Credit: CC0 Public Domain Less than 7 percent of the US adult population has good cardiometabolic health, a devastating health crisis requiring urgent action, according to research led by a team from the Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy at Tufts University in a pioneering perspective on cardiometabolic health trends and disparities published in … Read more

Connectivity of Language Areas Unique in the Human Brain

Summary: Researchers shed new light on how the human brain evolved to be language-ready. Compared to the brains of chimps, the patterns of connections of language areas in the human brain expanded more than was previously thought. Source: Radboud University Neuroscientists have gained new insight into how our brain evolved into a language-ready brain. Compared … Read more

Male dogs four times more likely to develop contagious cancer on nose or mouth than females

The disease occurs worldwide but is mostly linked to countries with free-roaming dog populations. Credit: Cameron Raw A new study has found that male dogs are four to five times more likely than female dogs to be infected with the oro-nasal form of Canine Transmissible Venereal Tumor. Researchers think this is because of behavioral differences … Read more

What polio’s UK presence means for global health

Polio samples were found in sewage in east London, less than 15 kilometers from the Tower of London (pictured), lit in purple to mark World Polio Day last October.Credit: PA Images/Alamy UK health officials are urging people to make sure they are vaccinated against polio, after several sewage samples in London tested positive for the … Read more

Woman has ‘zombie’ flesh-eating disease after fleeing skunk

This woman had a run-in with Pepe Le Putrid. A North Carolina mom’s leg suffers from “zombie”-esque flesh wounds due to a freak infection she contracted while fleeing an angry skunk. “It looks like a zombie has bitten me,” Sharon Evans, 39, told SWNS of the flesh-eating affliction. “It looks like something ate my skin … Read more