Therapeutic Tourism in Jordan

The Kingdom of Jordan is the most important tourist destination in the Middle East. The country has many magnificent historical monuments that attract tourists from all over the world to travel to Jordan, such as Petra, the most important historical site in Jordan.

One of Jordan’s most famous natural areas famous for their therapeutic effects is the Ma’In Hot Springs. Located about 58 kilometers south of Jordan’s capital Amman, the area is home to more than 160 natural resources at 120 meters below sea level and at varying temperatures. Such scenic areas attract many travelers from various parts of the world to spend their holidays in Jordan.

Natural hot springs in Ma’in contain high levels of various important minerals such as calcium, Sodium chloride, Rado Gas, Hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide. In some springs the temperature can reach 63 degrees. Many tourists traveling to Jordan like to explore the country’s natural treasures.

While visiting the natural springs of Ain Main, many travelers visit Jordan for therapeutic reasons as the waters of these springs are good for various ailments such as skin diseases, circulatory diseases, bone and muscle aches and many other ailments. health conditions.

In fact, the most popular area for medical tourism in Jordan is the Dead Sea, which is popular all over the world. The Dead Sea region has some unique climatic features as it lacks moisture.

One of the most important features of the region is the presence of sulfur resources, which cure various diseases, especially skin diseases and rheumatism. The Dead Sea is the lowest point on the planet and is also the saltiest sea in the entire world. This fact attracts thousands of travelers every year to book their vacation in Jordan.

The World Health Organization’s 2011 selection of the Dead Sea as one of the world’s best spots to cure skin diseases marked an important turning point in the history and development of the entire region.

Most of the resorts located on the shore of the Dead Sea offer wonderful natural treatment services without using any chemicals or any drugs. This is accomplished by following the most advanced standards of natural therapeutic treatment in the world. These types of resorts have become quite popular with travelers touring Jordan over the past few decades.

Another magnificent region in Jordan, famous for its therapeutic tourism, is the Afra springs. Located in the southern part of the Kingdom of Jordan, the region has 15 natural springs with temperatures ranging from 45 to 48 degrees Celsius. Many travel packages to Jordan include a visit to Afra’s springs.

The waters of the mineral-rich springs eventually form wonderful waterfalls that gather in lakes that are great for swimming. The therapeutic benefits of Afra springs include helping to treat diseases such as infertility, atherosclerosis, anemia and rheumatism.

If you are planning a relaxing and comfortable holiday, a Jordan tour will be among your excellent options. The country has everything needed to make an unforgettable vacation.

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