See How Baby Bath Seats Make Baby Bathing Easier

First-time parents have a lot to learn about caring for a newborn baby. There are many activities that will be completely unfamiliar to you, and one of these activities is bathing your baby. Traditionally, there are specific ways parents need to hold baby while bathing, but manufacturers have found ways to make bathing simpler for parents. This is where baby bath seats come into play. They help make the baby bathing process much simpler for first-time parents who don’t really have the experience.

Baby bath seats are usually made in a configuration and size that can easily fit in your tub or be used outside the tub so you can bathe your baby wherever you want. This is the number one comfort factor for bath seats because you don’t have to kneel in the bathroom and reach out to wash the baby. Many parents actually use these seats outdoors and even at the kitchen sink!

The main feature on the back of the baby bath seat is the harness type feature that allows them to sit upright and prevent them from falling while you are bathing.

Here are some of the most popular baby bath seats on the market today that you can consider for your newborn:

• Tee-Zed Products Dream Deluxe Baby Seat – $29.97
• Juvenile Solutions Thermobaby Bath Ring – Blue and Green by Juvenile Solutions Inc – $34.99
• Dreambaby Chair from Dreambaby – $39.99
• White/Blue Aquababy Bath Ring from Juvenile Solutions Inc – $28.99
• PRIMO Baby Seat (White) – Primo – 12.99 USD
• Pink Aquababy Ring from Juvenile Solutions – $43.61
• Safety 1st Tubside Bathroom Chair from Dorel Juvenile Group – $129.99
• Dream Baby Deluxe Bath Chair by DreamBaby – $39.00
• Summer Infant Fold N’ Store Bathtub Time Bath Hanger from Summer Infant, Inc. – $9.99
• Blue Sling Baby Tub with Learning Curve – Year One – 21.99 USD
• Aquababy Bath Ring (Green Blue) from Thermobaby – 37.89 USD
• Leachco Safer Bather Baby Bath Pad, Blue Fish by Leachco, Inc. – $19.99

Also called baby bath seats or bath rings, they are perfect for parents who want to take some of the pressure off their newborn baby. Using these seats will give you the opportunity to enjoy the process of bathing your baby without feeling too stressed!

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