Most Controversial American Toy: Pregnant Barbie

Technically the toy is called “Midge Hadley” but everyone knows the doll as “Pregnant Barbie”. The doll was first released from Mattel in 1963. Midge was released at the same time as “Skipper” to avoid criticism. Midge Hadley is Barbie’s best friend (as Mattel declared). Due to the controversy, Mattel re-launched Midge back on the “Happy family line” from the 1960s to 1988, when her boyfriend Alan Sherwood and their three children, 3-year-old Ryan, newborn Nikki, and (age unknown) Casandra. Midge Hadley came loaded with a magnetic tummy that could be placed on her stomach and baby Nikki. Because Alan didn’t pack with Midge and didn’t have a ring, this “Happy Family Line” received criticism for promoting this teen pregnancy, unsuitable for children, and promoting unmarried child birth. Parents criticized the toy for saying it “seemed too young to have kids”, which led retail stores to pull the Happy Family Line from shelves.

Not all are negative. Later, Midge was packaged with a picture of Alan and Ryan on the wrapper. Midge has also been redesigned with a ring! However, Mattel took over production once again and released only a special edition of the vintage version of the Midge in 1993 and 1998. Mattel decided to reintroduce Midge as Barbie’s best friend in 2013, but she is married and has no children. Midge Hadley is one of the most controversial toys around.

Now, the only thing close to finding a toy like Midge is to buy generic or find the old doll online. The average price for an old Midge Hadley is hundreds on the top. The doll is a classic and is filled with years of controversial history. The generic version of Midge Hadley usually comes with a shirt/dress, shoes, pregnant removable belly, doll and doll. Sometimes, depending on where you’re looking for the baby, you can find a stroller and bassinet with the generic version of the baby. The generic pregnant doll has an elaborate face and the same hair material used by Mattel. The general release can be a “quick fix” for finding a pregnant doll suitable for your child’s playtime. Baby is educational and can promote children’s learning experience. These pregnant babies can arguably be a great educational tool for a pregnant mother’s expecting children.

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