History of Push Present

From personalized baby shower gifts to a more sentimental idea, finding the perfect gift for new moms can be difficult. While its recent re-emergence has caused many friends, family, and especially partners of pregnant women to start talking about what they are and where they come from, the current pressure is not a new fad.

A push gift, also known as a baby gift, push gift, or baby trinket, is a gift that a spouse gives to the new mother to commemorate the special day of the child’s birth. This celebration is marked by a kind of personalized gift, which is traditionally jewelry of all kinds.

The roots of this one-of-a-kind gift can be traced back to England and India. In England, new mothers were given elegant rings to commemorate the birth of their child. In India, mothers were given gold jewelry sets for newborn babies. A mother is often given a more elaborate set for the birth of a boy, but baby girls were definitely celebrated in gold as well.

The term “Push Present” was actually first used in print by author Karen Heller in 1992. By then, the idea of ​​a push gift was largely passed from person to person by word of mouth. Expectant mothers will leave tips and families will suggest gift ideas. But lately, the pressure from celebrities receiving extravagant gifts has started to get quite a bit of media coverage. Fashion designer Rachel Zoe received a 10-carat ring from husband Rodger in 2011, reality television star Peggy Tanous was given a Bentley in 2007, and Mariah Carey received a diamond and sapphire necklace from her husband Nick Cannon in 2011, following the birth of their twins. took. .

There are no specific etiquette rules when it comes to gift giving. As etiquette expert Pamela Holland puts it, “A standard is non-standard… It’s too sincere to have a rule.” Many women let their husbands or partners know that they would love to receive a sentimental gift to celebrate the birth of a baby, but many men now take it upon themselves to find a meaningful and personal gift for the new mother.

Many women view instant gifts as a thoughtful opportunity to celebrate and commemorate the birth of their child. Whether it’s jewelry or another sentimental gift, the birth of a new child is always a happy occasion and should be celebrated.

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