Cupping Treatment for Eczema

I have several subscribers to my regular eczema newsletter who write to me about Cupping Therapy. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioners have recommended trying Cupping therapy for eczema as part of their holistic treatment. While it’s too early to tell if therapy is helping them, I’m starting to learn more about this almost unknown (at least to most of us) form of treatment.

Cupping therapy is an ancient Chinese form of healing, just like acupuncture. It is the art of using plastic or glass cups with vacuum balls placed against your skin to create a vacuum at the ends. The vacuum causes local congestion, sucks your skin and opens your body’s meridians. According to TCM, meridians are channels through which energy enters and flows. Diseases and ailments occur when the meridian channels are blocked. Opening channels can help speed healing and promote healing.

Cupping therapy apparently has many benefits for the skin. It activates your skin tissues and causes them to release toxins. This detoxification treatment can also improve the condition of your varicose veins as it removes the conditions of blood clots in the arteries, capillaries and veins. Most importantly, cupping therapy is believed to stimulate your lymphatic system, the system that produces antibodies to help fight disease.

Along with these, cupping therapy proves to be another alternative method to treat other skin problems such as eczema and boils. Much of this is due to the therapy’s ability to clear the skin of pathogens that trigger an eczema flare-up. Cupping also improves blood circulation and enhances its purification. Cupping therapy may just be the answer to an eczema cure, as some theories say certain types of eczema are caused by blood circulation issues.

During the therapy process, plastic or glass cups are placed on certain points of your body. Eczema spots are especially located near your navel, just below the kneecap, at the upper end of the spinal cord, and just above the ankle. When the plastic or glass cups used in therapy are applied to these areas, you will feel calm and relaxed. In fact, this is what you can expect to experience from cupping therapy. During the session, you may find yourself falling asleep and waking up feeling more refreshed and energetic.

Cupping therapy, an alternative eczema treatment, is definitely worth a try; because there is no cure for eczema in traditional medicine. In fact, what doctors can do for you right now are different ways to minimize the discomfort brought by your eczema condition. Other than that, there is no guarantee that full recovery will occur. You will find that you get eczema outbreaks over and over again. Therefore, if you want to treat yourself from eczema, it may be best to combine the good effects of alternative treatments with modern science.

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