Bio Fuel – Fossil Fuel Alternative?

Primarily, biofuels obtained from plants are fuels that are formed when biological matter decomposes. There are three forms or states of matter in which they are found: solid, liquid and gas.

Comparisons between biofuels and fossil fuels

  • Unlike fossil fuels, which can take a million years to develop, bios can be made in a matter of days.
  • In terms of pollution, biofuels are relatively safe.
  • Unlike fossil fuels, bios are renewable energy sources.

Four types of bio fuels

  • First generation: Examples of first generation biofuels derived from vegetable oils, starch, and sugar may be: Bio-gas, bio-diesel and vegetable oil. First generation fuels are also derived from animal fats.
  • Second generation: Second generation biofuels, mostly derived from waste biomass, are a more balanced option than first generation. Second-generation fuels consist of various types of alcohols and diesel made from wood.
  • Third generation: Environmentally friendly, third generation biofuels are derived from algae. Algae are grown on a large scale specifically to create these alternative fuels. Algae-derived biofuel can also easily decompose without damaging the soil.
  • Fourth generation: Obtained by a method in which microorganisms are bred to work with carbon dioxide to produce fuel.

pros and cons


  • They offer us an alternative to fossil fuel.
  • Environmentally friendly, bio fuels help reduce carbon emissions.
  • They can be cost-effective for consumers.


  • Destroying natural ecosystems – producing biofuels requires acres of farmland, thus encroaching on the natural habitats of plants and animals. Also, producing fuel from food crops renders the crops worthless for human consumption. Some people believe that food for human consumption should have a higher priority.
  • Making biofuels requires acres of farmland, encroaching on the natural habitats of plants and animals.
  • Biofuels reduce carbon monoxide emissions, but the pollution produced by the production of biofuels reduces efficiency.

Times are changing, and so is our need to find cleaner, cheaper, renewable, alternative fuel sources. A green planet is a healthy planet. Finding alternative fuel sources is our future.

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