4 Popular Goldfish – How to Take Care of Them

Fish care depends on the type of fish you have. One of the first things to consider is whether you have a saltwater fish or a freshwater fish. This distinct difference is important to support the life of your fish. With thousands of different species, fish will need different ways to live.

One of the most important things to do is to balance the water. The alkalinity of the water is measured on a pH scale and is often referred to as the hardness of the water. Kits are available to measure alkalinity. Different fish require different degrees of hardness, so it is important to do all the right tests to ensure the proper environment. The pH balance of the water can change depending on the magnesium or calcium in the water. pH buffers are also available to help maintain balance. If you notice that the pH balance is wrong, you want to fix the problem right away.

Fish care is also different with many of the most popular fish. However, they all have the same thing in common, which is low maintenance. Here are some of the most popular fish and what is needed to care for them.

1. Girls: These saltwater fish are very aggressive. If you have too many of these, you may be staring at an empty aquarium as they don’t tend to get along with many other fish, even of their own kind. Little ladies are saltwater fish, so you will need a marine or reef tank to feed them. The good thing about little ladies is that they are very tough fish. They can survive some of the harshest conditions, but don’t test it. Take care of your ladies. It is recommended to put only two in the same tank.

Some damsels considering owning are yellowtail or blue ladies. They are less aggressive and will be easier to maintain. Dominoes and three striped damsels are troublemakers.

2. Mollies: Mollies are freshwater fish but can live in salt water. Mollies adapt to salt water, but prefer its natural state. These fish are popular because they can live at different pH. They are very resilient creatures and can live in many different water conditions. This is what makes them so desirable. Adapting fish to salt water can be a long process. Start by keeping the fish in a bag of water and slowly soak it in salt water over an eight-hour period.

3. Clownfish: These fish became very popular after the Disney movie Finding Nemo. Every kid wants to get his Nemo for his tank. The good thing for parents is that clownfish are easy to care for, but these fish can only stay in an environment of their own kind. Unlike Mollies, they can’t adapt to anything different. These fish are very protective and typically tend to get along well with fish of their own kind.

4. Shrimp: There are different types of shrimp that people can have, but the most popular shrimp are clean shrimp. They have a white and red stripe in the middle of their back. They are more popular because they are easy to maintain. However, these fish should not be kept with too many other fish species. You should put no more than four fish in a tank with these shrimps.

There are many more fish and different things to learn about them. Read on how to protect specific fish and ask pet shop staff for tips on how to maintain your home aquarium. Fish are great pets to have, so take good care of them and they will last you a long time.

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