Wide Leg Maternity Jeans Give Pregnant Woman Extra Fashion Options

Shorter women find themselves “incomplete” when they don’t wear high heels. You don’t have to experience unnecessary discomfort by wearing wide-leg maternity jeans and 5-inch heels. With the right style, fabric and design, you’ll look great throughout pregnancy.

How is it possible to look taller even without heels?

Tip 1: Choose wide-leg maternity jeans:

Wide-bottomed jeans create the illusion of making you look taller. There are various designs and fabrics for these jeans. Choose fabrics that are smooth and stretchy to allow movement.

#2: Washing and applying:

Wide leg maternity jeans are still in demand in today’s fashion. Dark wash and acid wash are two common washes you see on most jeans today. Dark washes are more suitable for pregnant women with larger hips. This will hide the bulk around your thighs, giving you a slimmer and longer appearance. Acid washes are great for women with thin thighs.

To complete this ‘illusion’, the longitudinal lines further elongate the legs. Dark jeans with white stripes will look great with a casual top or blouse.

Number 3: Branded and Unbranded:

Maternity clothes should be worth your money without sacrificing your comfort. If you can stretch your budget a little, branded jeans are for you! J Brand, Seven, Juicy Couture, and Maternal America sell some of the best wide-leg jeans on the maternity market.

For the budget conscious, bargain shops are available for the hunt! There are several brick-and-mortar businesses that sell wide-leg jeans for pregnant women for half the price. Finding a comfortable pair under these circumstances can be a bit of a challenge – but not impossible.

For the finishing touches, a little creativity won’t hurt. Play with trendy tops, accessories and shoes. Even with flats or flip-flops, you’ll still look great with these wide leg jeans. “Boring” doesn’t have to be the standard when going through pregnancy. Look great with great jeans and a stylish top – even without the heels.

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