Why is Child Care So Important?

There are many aspects that come into play in the child’s development process. Some of these are: physical, emotional, mental and social development. The child will need a favorable environment that promotes the proper development of all these processes. This is what proper child care has to offer.

How Important Is Early Learning?

Many critical functions in a person’s life are developed within the first five years. This early learning period has a far-reaching impact on a child’s future growth, health, happiness, learning achievement and development. It will affect how well such a child adapts to the family, community and school with which he interacts every day.

Indeed, the most important developing part of a child’s body in the early years is the brain. In fact, the actual brain architecture would take shape only in the first three years.

This means that the functioning and organizational development of your brain during your adult years will be affected by your early childhood experiences. Your learning skills will be affected either negatively or positively, depending on what you went through in your early years. Therefore, a conducive early learning environment is critically important to prepare you for a much brighter future.

Critical Needs in Young Children

People learn faster in their early childhood than in later life. So something as simple as having a loving and nurturing environment can go a long way in rooting a sense of trust that then makes the child safe and confident.

In fact, having a loving and caring environment will greatly help young children learn and grow. The encouragement and attention given by professional early childhood educators are sure to produce enough mental stimulation that leads to better mental development. This is also complemented by good health care and proper nutrition.

It is also critically important that caregivers know exactly what a child needs at different growth and development levels. In this way, the best support will be provided to the child so that growth and development will continue without any harm.

Early childhood programs also play a critical role in preparing children for school. A great way to transition from home to school. Such programs offer a great deal of flexibility, allowing parent involvement, helping young children adjust to new learning environments away from familiar ones.

Making Sure Children’s Rights Are Protected

Providing children with the opportunity to grow and develop in a conducive environment enables them to reach their full potential. This is a critical element in protecting the internationally recognized rights of children.

Based on the international, child-centered human rights convention (Convention on the Rights of the Child, CRC), certain guiding principles determine whether a child’s rights are protected:

– The primary consideration should be to respect the interests of the children in your care.

Children should be given the opportunity to survive and thrive.

– Children should not be denied the right to freely express their views on any issue that concerns them.

– No child should be subjected to discrimination while trying to enjoy all the rights they should have.

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