What Causes Bad Breath in Pregnant Women?

While not all women get bad breath during pregnancy, most women do. What causes bad breath in pregnant women and why do they seem more susceptible to it when they are pregnant than when they are not?

Causes of Bad Breath in Pregnant Women

There are many things that can cause bad breath more often than a pregnant woman does when she is not pregnant. First, he may be eating certain foods that cause his breath to smell. It may be more difficult than usual to get rid of lingering food odors as a pregnant woman cannot use mouthwashes as they contain chemicals that could harm the baby.

Changes in the body can also cause bad breath due to some important hormonal changes that occur. A pregnant woman may also not be getting enough calcium, so the calcium in her teeth may be meeting the baby’s needs, making her susceptible to tooth decay and gum disease.

Bad breath can also be a sign of the onset of certain types of diseases that need to be treated. Whatever the causes of bad breath in pregnant women, there are things you should do if you are someone who has this condition.

What To Do If You Are Pregnant and Have Bad Breath

If you experience bad breath more often than usual, the first thing you should do is seek the advice of your doctor and dentist. If the cause of bad breath is the development of an underlying disease, your doctor will need to diagnose and treat it.

If the cause of bad breath isn’t a medical condition, your dentist can give you answers, or at least give you some reassurance that your teeth and gums are still healthy, and perhaps offer some help in finding ways to help your breath smell good again. .

Bad Breath Treatment in Pregnant Women

If bad breath is caused by a medical or dental condition, following your doctors or dentist’s advice will be the best way to not only combat the condition but keep both you and your unborn baby healthy. While many dental conditions cannot be treated normally due to your pregnancy, there are things your dentist can suggest to help prevent the condition from getting worse.

Treatment for this condition will depend on what caused the bad breath in the first place. You may need to take calcium supplements to provide your body with the extra calcium it needs. Sometimes your doctor may suggest a change in your diet to deal with a medical problem and this can save you from bad breath.

There are things you can do too. Brush your teeth and tongue more often, drink plenty of water, rinse your mouth with fresh lemon juice, or try using an essential oil such as lemon, lime, almond or peppermint oil.

Having fresher breath will help you feel fresher no matter what is causing your bad breath.

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