We Need PCB Analysis

As a responsible citizen, it is our responsibility to prevent our environmental pollution. We must take steps to prevent pollution of our environment. The industrial revolution has increased environmental pollution.

Many chemicals are used by industries and cause pollution. One of the chemicals called PCB (Polychlorinated Biphenyl) is considered as a very dangerous/toxic chemical called Askarel. PCB was used as a liquid dielectric in transformers and capacitors, lubricants and others before the 1980s. It is not natural chemical, it is artificial. It was first found and used by an American company.

The dangerous effects of this chemical in causing cancer, fertility and other ailments have been observed to have long-term consequences in living things. It has been widely used as a fire retardant and insulator in PCB, transformer and capacitor manufacturing. This was due to their ability to withstand exceptionally high temperatures. PCB is non-flammable, has high electrical resistance and good insulation property.

The industry has found an excellent oil to use in insulating fluids and as an insulator for transformers and capacitors. It was used to prevent fire in transformers. PCB is less biodegradable and therefore harmful to our environment.

PCB is toxic and suspected to be carcinogenic to humans and is therefore carefully monitored. Transformers and other PCB containing machines were banned in 1985, but there are still some transformers with PCB quantities. PCBs must be removed from transformers, which can cause dangerous effects on workers and the environment.

The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) has also recognized PCB as a toxic chemical. PCBs do not decompose easily after being released into the environment. PCBs can diffuse into the environment and migrate through the food chain. Some chemical industries are trying to separate its chemical composition into less harmful chemicals so that it can be used. But until then, any use of this chemical should be completely avoided.

Since some transformers still have PCBs, these transformers need to be checked and PCBs removed. NDL (New Delhi labs) provides PCB analysis testing in Transformer’s Oil Testing lab. Here you can check your oil sample and get the relevant results. The laboratory is well equipped and has implemented the quality management system. It is accredited by NABL and performs tests in different test standards.

Have the transformer checked and keep the environment pollution free. Save Your Future.

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