UV Air Purifiers: Do These Devices Really Work?

Indoor air quality is getting worse day by day. Therefore, we are all looking for effective solutions to this problem. Because air pollution is everywhere, you can’t get rid of it. But at least you can be sure to breathe fresh air when you’re in your home or office. That’s why you can try a simple device like a UV cleaner. If you are not familiar with these units, this guide can help you improve your understanding. In this guide, we have explained UV air purifiers and their functions. Keep reading to learn more.

According to the environmental protection agency, UV purifiers can produce ozone gas. If you breathe ozone gas daily, you may have difficulty breathing, especially if you have asthma. After reading this article, you should have a solid understanding of UV air purifiers and their benefits. Apart from that, we also researched some good cleansers you can use to heal.

UV Air Purifiers and Their Functions

Basically, UV air purifiers are the type of device that uses ultraviolet technology to filter polluted air. When the device catches air, the contaminated air passes through an interior chamber. The air in this room is treated using UV-C light.

In some of these units, the air is once again filtered before being released back into the environment. On the other hand, some units cannot effectively remove VOCs from the air.

How Effective Are UV Air Purifiers?

According to experts, UV air purifiers that use HEPA filters can be much more effective at eliminating bacteria. However, more research is needed to find out if HEPA and UV clarifiers are effective against a number of respiratory diseases.

If you only want to listen to trusted authorities, you can follow the recommendations of the environmental protection agency. It’s not a good idea to buy air purifiers that produce ozone according to their recommendations. Some common examples of these units include plasma air cleaners, ionizers, electrostatic precipitators and UV cleaners.

It is important to keep in mind that ozone gas has no color. It is also a natural gas that protects our planet against the ultraviolet rays of the sun. We cannot withstand the sun’s ultraviolet rays without the ozone layer around us. Indeed, without ozone gas, there would be no life on earth.

Overexposure to ozone can cause many symptoms. Some of these symptoms are given below:

  • worsening symptoms of asthma

  • worsening symptoms of breathing problems

  • airways inflammation

  • Throat ache

  • Cough

The question is, how can you use these devices and still be safe from ozone? The answer is you can keep this unit in your bedroom or office, turn it on and go outside for a few minutes. This will protect you from the harmful effects of ozone and still reap the benefits of your air purifier.

Long story short, you can use these air purifiers to clean your indoor air while on the safe side.

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