Together We Can Make a Difference, Save the Planet

One planet, one house, one chance.

Long ago, the planet was so beautiful, peaceful and majestic. The air was clean, the food was pure, and the air was very mild. People were healthy and strong. They rarely got sick. The facts clearly show that they are also very satisfied and happy.

Then the human race began. Everything begins to disappear like smoke dissipating in the air. From a paradise, the planet begins to turn into hell. Pure things get dirty and it keeps getting worse and worse. In the race to become more and more advanced, we forget that our only home, the planet, has no alternative.

We humans know very well today’s situation. Global warming has become a global warning. The oceans are dying and severe weather is frequent. The climate is changing rapidly. The planet is polluting the environment to a large extent, affecting living things badly. In the current situation, one individual could not make a difference. But together we can definitely save the planet. We can start taking action right now from our homes.

There are several ways to control pollution. The simplest way is to save water. Conserving water is essential to the health of our planet. There are some very simple actions that we can start to conserve water right away, such as turning off the water while brushing your teeth, doing laundry and washing dishes. Use less water to water your lawn. Fix all water leaks and replace old toilets with new ones.

The second most important thing is that we need to use chemicals such as detergents, soaps, shampoos, pesticides, herbicides and other household cleaners less and less. After cleaning your homes, cars and bodies with chemicals, these toxic chemicals are absorbed into the soil and eventually cause water pollution.

One of the most important things to do is to dispose of our wastes correctly. Instead of throwing it in the water somewhere else, contact your local sanitation department and find the right place to dispose of your waste. Waste contains oil, paint and some chemicals, which are the biggest causes of air and water pollution.

Most of us know that coal and natural gas are the world’s largest electricity producers. Combustion of coal and natural gases are the biggest causes of air pollution. We humans can control this air pollution by using less and less electricity. Turn off your electrical equipment when not in use. Moreover, today we can use solar energy, which is both environmentally friendly and economical, for the home.

Deforestation became a major problem of the time. Instead of planting more trees, we cut them down to build our homes and industries. We ignore that they are natural conditioners and purifiers. So don’t cut them down and don’t plant any more trees.

We can save our home, save our planet, by considering very simple and easy ways.

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