Three Demons of Planet Earth

Planet Earth comes under the galaxy called the Milky Way in the universe. This galaxy consists of many other celestial bodies. But life is only possible on Planet Earth because it has the right amount of oxygen and is at the right distance from the sun.

Since planet Earth is the only planet here that supports life, there is a large population. This population creates a lot of pollution. There are basically three types of pollution – Water pollution, Air pollution and Soil pollution.

The above three are the Three Demons of Planet Earth. Planet Earth is being destroyed by these Three Demons. Humans knowingly or unknowingly produce a lot of carbon monoxide from their cars and other devices, and this causes air pollution when it reaches the sky.


“The term air pollution means pollution caused by air in one way or another.”

Disadvantages of air pollution-

Air Pollution has many disadvantages. Some of these disadvantages are:-

1. If there is too much carbon mono oxide in the air, it can cause breathing problems.

2. Even our environment would be disturbed by such a polluting effect.

Not only that, air pollution also has more dangerous effects. Efforts should be made to prevent this pollution.

Here are the points we need to pay attention to in order to prevent air pollution:

1. House and factory chimneys should be high enough so that the smoke does not pollute the environment.

2. Monthly maintenance of cars.

3. For short distances, prefer walking rather than taking a taxi.


“The term water pollution relates to polluted water.”

Disadvantages of water pollution-

1. If a child drinks dirty water, he can get a serious illness.

2. The water is not suitable for normal work.

Therefore, the points to remember in order to avoid such a dangerous effect of water pollution are:

1. Never open your drain pipes towards a river or pond.

2. Keep your drinking cups clean and sealed.

3. Factory waste should be discharged in accordance with the sea.


“The term soil pollution is used to refer to our contaminated nature mother lap.”

Disadvantages of soil pollution-

1. Increase in mosquitoes and many more insects.

2. Typhoid, jaundice, malaria, etc. home of diseases.

These unhealthy diseases must be stopped, or there will be no trace of the human race. Therefore, the following points are important to prevent the human race.

1. Use the trash can wherever you are.

2. Do not throw away your environment.

3. Never allow water to pool around your home.

“If you want your children to see the beautiful world you see, then you have to work yourself to make it heavenly.”

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