The Fundamental Principle of Your Travel – Safety on Holidays

Safety has the highest priority during the holidays. We all want to have fun and have fun while on vacation. Injuries, accidents and theft can ruin the purpose of your trip. Most accidents happen during transportation when you ignore simple travel safety tips like fastening your seat belt, getting on a train, or jumping off a slowing bus. Similarly, your negligence in taking care of your luggage may result in the loss of travel documents and valuables.

As a result, your holiday, which should be an unforgettable and enjoyable holiday, may turn into a nightmare for you. You can follow the simple procedures and travel tips below to avoid any mishaps during your holiday trip.

Holiday Safety Tips: Tips for a taxi ride

o Always wear seat belts as the first step to safety during the holidays. Use infant seats and special seat belts for infants and children. Tell your taxi driver not to violate the traffic rules and to drive within the prescribed speed limit.

o Never leave your children alone in a parked car or in your hotel room. Always be attentive to your children and always accompany them.

o Before hiring a taxi, make sure it is operational. The taxi must have a spare tire, jack, jumper cables and flares. Pack a flashlight, fire extinguisher and first aid kit. If you’re going on a long taxi ride, keep a copy of your driver’s ID and the travel agent’s contact information.

Safety during the holidays: Travel Tips for the bus ride

If you are on a group tour, most of the time you will travel by bus. Never try to get on or off a running bus. When getting on or off the bus, be mindful of slippery or uneven pavements and other hazards that could cause you to fall.

o Never look out the window or keep your hand away from the window. Vehicles are closer than you think when overtaking.

o Never hold heavy luggage above your head on the storage rack. This can fall on your head on bumpy roads and cause neck injury.

o More than 28 percent of all bus passengers experience travel discomfort, particularly in the backseat. To avoid this, carry some medications with you.

Safety on holidays: Travel Tips for a train ride

Train travel can offer a relaxing and economical alternative to flying or driving long distances. On a train ride, you can enjoy the scenic views of the countryside and interact with many people. Train travel is the safest; however, the following steps are still required:

o When getting on or off the subway, “watch the space” as they say in London. There is a gap between the edge of the train platform and the subway door.

o Never try to take the subway when the doors start to close. If the train is too crowded for you to get on safely, wait for the next train.

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