Symptoms of IUI Pregnancy – Ten Tips

When trying to conceive, it is common to wonder if you are pregnant every minute. And it can be especially the case when you’re going through a medical intervention like IUI. Pregnancy symptoms are what many women expect within two weeks of IUI. Let’s take a look at some of the common symptoms in early pregnancy.

It is wise to keep in mind that many of these indicators are not seen in all women, even if they are actually pregnant. That’s why it’s really important to take a pregnancy test after a few weeks, even if you don’t show any of these symptoms.

One more thing to remember while reading these tips: some of them are also PMS-like. Some women who have just had IUI will really start to worry because when they think they are getting ready to start their next menstrual cycle, pregnancy symptoms really look like PMS. With all that in mind, here are the top ten clues you could be pregnant:

10. Darkening areolas: This looks really random and can be hard to catch unless you really know your body well. However, if the area around your nipples starts to darken, it may mean that your body is getting ready to feed a baby.

9. Food Craving: Hormonal changes cause cravings in many women. Just think about what you normally eat during your PMS/period! Many women have cravings for certain foods when they are first pregnant, but be careful here because cravings can also indicate that your body is low in certain nutrients.

8. Back Pain: Low back pain does not only happen to women with a large baby belly. In fact, they can settle down early in pregnancy and stay for most of the next nine months.

7. Headache: This is another common symptom of hormonal changes in women, which is why many women get headaches around the time they start menstruating.

6. Sleepiness or Fatigue: Again, many people think that pregnant women will get tired while carrying a baby who is about nine pounds, but in fact, fatigue is a very common symptom for women who are in the very beginning of their pregnancy. .

5. Painful or Heavy Breasts: This can be a really early symptom due to hormonal changes and changes in the way your blood flows while pregnant. Sometimes women notice this change within a few days after conception.

4. Cramps: Yes, this can actually be a sign of pregnancy and you shouldn’t worry if you don’t get really terrible cramps after IUI. Sometimes women experience cramps as soon as the egg implants in the uterine wall, and sometimes cramps can be caused by the uterus starting to stretch already.

Nausea: Sometimes newly pregnant women don’t experience morning sickness this early in pregnancy, but if you start to feel motion sickness or something similar that’s unusual for you, that’s a clue that you’re pregnant.

2. Bulge: Get used to not being able to fit in your jeans anymore! Even if you don’t have a baby belly for months, early pregnancy can cause hormonal adjustments that make you feel bloated for a while. The same problem with bloating can also turn into a problem with constipation.

1. The Difference in Your Period: This may seem obvious when we’re talking about missing your period, but sometimes women may think they’re actually getting their period due to implantation and early pregnancy. Light spotting is nothing to worry about if it doesn’t last long, but if your period is much lighter or shorter than usual, pull out that pregnancy test.

Good luck!

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