Sweet and Sexy: All About Tattoos – From Choosing Your Dream Design To The Finished Tattoo

Why Tattoos?

The most common question many people ask is why someone would want their body changed permanently. This is a very valid question. Let’s go back to ancient times when men in tribal societies had colored tattoos on their bodies to mark the transition from childhood to adulthood. Some get tattoos to distinguish themselves from other tribes and villages.

Going back to the present, we see the same thing, despite different interpretations of similar markings adorning the bodies of sailors, biker gangs, and youth. Many have clique logos and insignia permanently stamped on their bodies to declare their ‘immortal’ allegiance to their chosen fraternity or group. Young people, on the other hand, see these persistent marks as the old ones are used to: a primal desire to appear ‘adult’ and differentiate themselves from the rest of the crowd.

Getting a tattoo or considering getting a tattoo depends on whether the person wants to stay private or has a more inclusive personality. What used to be the property of bandits, sailors, and biker gangs now seems to be a popular form of body art for a large number of people. Maybe you’ve thought about getting one of your own, but have you really thought about it? There are a few things you should know before you decide to buy one:

So what is Tattoo?

A tattoo is basically a puncture wound on your skin that is filled with ink according to the image you want inscribed. The ink is injected into the second and deeper layer of the skin (dermis), which is very stable, not the top layer of skin (epidermis) that continues to shed. That’s what makes them permanent!

What is a tattoo machine?

Believe it or not, this art used to be done by hand. However, most tattoo parlors today use tattoo machines to inject the ink into their clients’ skin; This is a handheld power tool that uses an ink-filled tube and a sterilized needle to do the job. The tattoo artist uses his foot to activate the machine that makes the needle bounce off your skin as he rubs in the ink (about 3 millimeters). In other words, the needle is literally planting the image on your limbs, but using ink instead of thread to do so.

Does it hurt?

Remember when tooth extraction used to be the most painful experience? Have you ever wondered why some people can just grin and stand it? Because they don’t feel pain as much as you do. This also applies to tattoos.

Yes, it can hurt to get an image permanently imprinted on your body, but the pain can vary according to each individual’s pain threshold. Some people describe it as a mild case of ‘tingling’, while others say it feels like you’re taking multiple shots.

The amount of discomfort may also depend on where you got the tattoo and the expertise of the artist you decide to go with. It’s always best to go to an experienced tattoo artist if you want to reduce the pain. You will be happier and pain free in the long run.

Safety first!

Do you still want to get the tattoo you’ve had your eye on? Then do it safely! Remember, a tattoo is basically a wound you make on your own skin, just like any other slice, scrape, or other penetration. It may look much cooler, but if not done properly or in a sterile environment, there is always a chance of getting an infection or illness.

If you’re planning to have any bodily changes, it’s always a good idea to check that your vaccinations (such as hepatitis and tetanus vaccines) are up to date. I already have allergies, heart problems, diabetes, etc. if you have medical problems. or if you are pregnant, ask your doctor about the precautions you should take to avoid any mishaps.

What is the price?

You get what you pay for when it comes to tattoos. Don’t go to tattoo parlors that offer cheap ‘great deals’. You will cry until a doctor or a real artist to cover it up! Seeking and paying for quality never hurt anyone and saves you unnecessary pain. In addition, the cost of this procedure will also depend on the size and placement of the tattoo. Therefore, think in advance where and how big you want yourself to be, if you do not want to regret it later.

Where should I place it?

This brings us to the next big question on every tattoo enthusiast’s mind. Where should you place your tattoo? For this you have to decide whether you want to show it or not. Most beginners have it placed where no one can see it. Women often mark their lower back, thighs, shoulders, and upper arms as these body parts are often covered by clothing.

You can even get them tattooed on the inside of your upper arm or on your rib cage to make them slimmer. However, do this at your own risk, as these areas are extremely sensitive and can mean a lot of additional pain if not done correctly. Remember, ALWAYS go to a professional tattoo artist if you want one of your own. Expressing yourself or your group is all well and good, but no one looks good with lingering hurtful expressions on their face.

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