Problems in the Urbanization Process

The history of humanity has been handled as a course of human migration from the countryside to the city, therefore urbanization is seen as the symbol of human civilization. However, while we benefit from the conveniences of city life, we also benefit from the conveniences of city life; we have to live with many problems brought to us by urbanization. Among them, environmental pollution is one of the most serious.

First, the explosion of urban pollution is wreaking havoc on our natural environment. To obtain adequate living space, urban dwellers sacrifice vast woodlands, fields and arable land to build roads and houses. Many plants and animals also lose their natural habitats, and some may die from the relocation process. In addition, the increasing urban population also damages the ecosystem with large amounts of household garbage. Garbage dumping on the skirts is an example of this. Even if people bury or burn waste, it can cause soil or air pollution.

Second, hundreds of tons of wastewater from factories pollute city rivers day and night. Gone are the days when people enjoyed swimming in the river and fishing on the shore. Sometimes, even worse, untreated sewage from chemical factories directly poisons the urban water supply. Potable water has become a rare resource and people have to buy some dirty water. Later, one of its consequences was the emergence of many new diseases and the emergence of more and more cancer cases.

Third, the rapid increase in the number of urban motor vehicles contributes to significant pollution. With the expansion of the urban area and the expansion of city roads, a denser traffic grows. Thousands of running cars, buses and trucks produce large amounts of exhaust fumes, which inevitably pollute the air. Sometimes the air quality is so bad that people have trouble breathing and go to the oxygen bar to take a break. In addition, endless traffic causes serious noise pollution. It’s common to hear a car honking here and there, a truck rumbling on the highway, a city train roaring at night. It seems to me that these voices are constantly mocking our modern civilization and urbanization.

Clearly, as cities grow in number and size, we city dwellers suffer too. Environmental pollution caused by urbanization can threaten our quality of life. And if the problem is not solved, our wish for a comfortable city life will be just a dream.

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