Neostrata Products – Recognize the Pros and Cons of Skin Product Formulations

Have you heard of a company that formulates products that are good for the skin? One of them is Neostrata products. Origin and history of Neostrata Company, Dr. Van Scott and Dr. It started with Yu collaborating to found the company in 1988. the form of the goods.

What is the role of AHA in our skin?

According to research, AHA brightens and softens our skin, thereby removing dead skin cells and allowing new skin cells to grow. Skin diseases such as acne, psoriasis, skin pimples and hyperkeratosis can be cleared by Neostrata. If you have wrinkle problems, a good way to eliminate it is to use Neostrata products that are clinically proven by dermatologists and professional health services.

What is the advantage of Neostrata and how does it work?

  • One of the clinically proven ingredients to soften and polish the skin is the use of AHA. This is because it removes dead skin cells and accelerates the growth of new and healthy skin cells.
  • It acts as a good moisturizer, as this will further improve the color, texture and tone of the skin in just a few times.
  • It is considered non-allergenic and oil-free, so it does not cause any allergies on the skin. Also, it does not contain harsh or painful ingredients.

What are the disadvantages of using Neostrata products?

Do not be so comfortable with the advantages of the product; There are also imperfections that can be seen as a negative effect on our skin due to the application of the product.

  • Common side effects of applying the product to the skin are itching, burning sensation and pain. This usually happens when the skin is overexposed to sunlight.
  • It is not very effective in preventing excessive oil production in the skin, so it may stop once but after a few days the oil comes back.
  • When you apply the product, it has a very long process. It is not as easy to apply these cream or gel-form substances to the skin as quickly as other products.
  • The products are not available locally at any drugstore or drugstore so you have to go directly to their website and ask for help. However, there are few retail stores in selected locations.

Whether or not to sue this product is up to you. However, one of the sayings of the good old days is to use natural treatments whenever possible.

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