Need Home Jaundice Treatment?

Infant jaundice is a common condition for babies, and in fact, about 70% of newborns show some signs of it. Most infant jaundice treatments are simple and can be easily done at home. Only in rare cases is aggressive treatment of jaundice necessary.

Susun Weed in the Fertility Year has an excellent section on infant jaundice and its treatments. I’ll summarize his excellent suggestions below.

Infant jaundice is a condition that presents as a yellow tint in the whites of the baby’s eyes and a yellow rash on the skin that runs from the baby’s head to the toes.

Jaundice occurs as a result of the breakdown of extra red blood cells associated with the fetus’ transition from taking in oxygen from your placenta to providing its own oxygen. Bilirubin is a byproduct of this breakdown process and when reabsorbed and enters the circulation, it turns the skin and eyes yellow.

CAUTION: A bilirubin level of 12 or more that continues to rise after the third day and a dehydrated and lethargic baby is a sign of pathological jaundice. This is a condition that may be related to a blood type incompatibility or a damaged liver, in which case the assistance of an experienced professional healer is most likely necessary for effective infant jaundice treatments. This type of infant jaundice can lead to brain damage if left untreated.

The other two types of infant jaundice, physiological jaundice and breast milk jaundice, require little or no treatment and go away on their own within a few weeks. There are some simple baby jaundice treatments you can use to support your baby through this time.

The first is just to breastfeed. Even in the case of breast milk jaundice, your milk helps build up gut bacteria that help bind and expel broken down red blood cells. Also, the extra protein in milk protects the brain from damage when bilirubin levels are high.

Sunlight will also help break down bilirubin. Therefore, another effective treatment for infant jaundice is to undress your baby and sunbathe for five minutes in the early morning or late afternoon sun while shading their eyes.

If breastfeeding, the mother can also drink an infusion of one of several herbs as a treatment for infant jaundice. The baby will then receive the benefits of the herbs through breast milk. Recommended herbs to try are catnip, comfrey leaf, agrimony, or dandelion root.

The standard ratio for infusions is one quart of water to one quart of dried herb, which is allowed to infuse for at least four hours before straining and drinking. The dandelion root infusion is bound to be bitter, and Susun Weed suggests adding salt to make it a more tolerable drink.

Cheladonium 3x is the recommended homeopathic treatment for infant jaundice. Make sure you only use it homeopathic and not in herbal form.

Breast milk jaundice is very rare and its symptoms include yellow skin and eyes, bilirubin levels up to 20, and an active, breastfed baby. Steroids in breast milk are sometimes thought to inhibit enzymes that break down red blood cells. This type of jaundice can last up to two months.

As long as your baby is active and breastfeeding strongly, you don’t have to worry too much and there is absolutely NO NEED TO STOP BREASTFEEDING. This condition resolves on its own before switching to formula, and removing the nutritious proximity of breastfeeding can actually complicate infant jaundice.

If you suspect breast milk jaundice, you can stop breastfeeding for a short time (not more than 48 hours) to see if the bilirubin level drops without breast milk. This is not a recommended treatment for infant jaundice, but rather a test to determine if this is what you are dealing with.

Treat breast milk jaundice with the infant jaundice treatments described above, or try increasing enzymatic activity in your baby’s liver and intestines with fresh wheatgrass juice. Give the baby up to 20 drops a day or drink up to two ounces a day and pass it into your milk.

So if your baby is showing the common symptoms of yellow colored eyes and skin, rule out pathological jaundice first and then take a deep breath and relax knowing that the only true infant jaundice treatment needed are the measures you choose to support your baby. it breaks down and processes the extra red blood cells.

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