Muscadine Grapes and Ellagic Acid – What Does Ellagic Acid Do?

Ellagic acid… resveratrol… phytochemicals… phytonutrients… inhibition… viral… bacterial… these are all words that tend to swim together after a while when you read many articles written before. It is written on interesting and increasingly popular topics.

So I’ll take my pen and try to write something that even my kids can understand and hopefully get excited about!

First of all, WHAT ARE some of these words and WHAT DO THEY MEAN?

Resveratrol, OPCs, and ellagic acid are some of the more commonly heard forms of antioxidants found in plants, fruits, and berries.

ellagic acid is a “phytochemical” or nutrient found in a variety of fruits and berries, such as pomegranates, walnuts, strawberries, raspberries, and recent research has shown that the muscadine grape, a grape/berry that grows in the southeastern regions of the United States, is better than almost any other fruit or berry on the planet. It has high ellagic acid content.

There is an independent Laboratory Company called Brunswick Laboratories that tests foods and supplements to see how high the ORAC scale is. ( ORAC stands for Oxygen Radical Absorption Capacity) in simple terms, that means how high the antioxidant level is in the food or supplement…or in our story terms”how well this food/supplement can fight bad guys!“When they tested Muscadine grapes, they said they had never tested anything that scored this high!

herb It’s another word for ‘plant’ so when you see the term ‘phytochemical’ or ‘phytonutrient’ we are talking about a plant-based chemical or nutrient. I personally prefer to call it a nutrient because that’s what it is. Chemical noises are so scary.

inhibition My new favorite word these days. when I read or hear something that will happen STOP its growth… or BLOCK process… is usually a good thing, it seems that all the bad things in our body will automatically grow like crazy if we don’t find something to prevent it or STOP IT. “Inhibited the growth of cancer cells” is my new favorite phrase!

I learn best with word pictures, so I’ll try to give you one here…

free radicals… It’s a very common term these days as it’s a word used to describe all the bad guys who are constantly trying to disrupt our lives. They come in the form of chemicals and toxins and sneak in completely uninvited and often unannounced in ways we can never imagine.

Here are a few ways we get these guys in on a daily basis:

Stress… research shows that stress significantly increases the likelihood of illness and disease in our bodies. Why? Why? Because it opens the door for these bad little guys to come in and make a mess.

Skin care… Did you know that our skin is our largest organ and everything we put on our skin mixes with the blood in 26 seconds? Yes, it contains all the antifreeze and engine degreasers we put on our skin every day.. Wait, you didn’t know that propylene glycol is the main ingredient in antifreeze and what they use as an engine degreaser is sodium laurel solfat (SLS).? Yes, our dear FDA has approved exactly these ingredients for use in the skincare industry, and if you check your labels, you’ll see them on every bottle on the shelf. ( Even Johnson & Johnson baby care products!) Then, when we reach our 40s and 50s, we wonder why our skin is sagging and wrinkled… !

our food…forget processed foods, everyone KNOWS they’re not good for us, ( and they still eat) but what about fresh fruits and vegetables? Yes, full of bad guys, waiting for free ride on their next mission. Your body. Their free entry into our system is free of GMOs, insect spray chemicals, water treatments, etc.

Environment… we are very privileged to live on planet earth at a time when there is no more technology and progress. But it all comes with a huge unhealthy price tag. All of these emit radiation and chemicals at a level I don’t understand. All we know is they’re out there and we can’t escape them!

These are all bad guys who have access to our bodies around the clock.. Unless they’re stoppedThey quickly steal and eat good cells, multiply themselves over and over… and begin to feed inflammation, disease, aging, and cancer.

So what do free radicals, ellagic acid, and those muscadine grapes have to do with all this?

This is where the exciting part comes in! I rub my hands, maybe only a few people can catch a glimpse of this amazing phenomenon. this happens when we are locked into something life changing and good!

ANTIOXIDANTS your new friend and warrior, ESPECIALLY the subject ‘bad free radical guys‘! When we start taking ANY supplements that are high in antioxidants, it’s like I can see the scenario going on inside… all the bad guys come to a standstill, the big macho ‘new guy’ gets up and flexes his muscles. “Listen! I’m the new guy on the block now” over!”

The new man immediately sets to work to repair all the worn and broken cells in our body. And as long as he’s there, bad guys can’t do business. They’re blocked! Stoped.

Did you know that at the mature young age of 40, our antioxidant level is about 50% and drops rapidly from there – to about 5% at the age of 60-70? For some, the loss of antioxidants begins much earlier… which is why we see cancer attacks at a much younger age than ever before.

Let’s go back to ellagic acids and resveratrol and what they all do. Do not block again. Ah. I love this word! These are all part of the ‘superman’ team that currently controls our inner parts.

Ellagic acid helps the body fight viral, fungal and bacterial infections. It will prevent bad guys from doing their job as they enter the body… If we have enough ellagic acid in our bodies, we have a much less chance of getting sick from any of the above.

resveratrol – ahhh, another word I love so much. If I still had a baby, their names might have been Rezzy and Ellagic.. (grin)

But seriously ladies, resveratrol is our ‘rescue queen!‘… seriously on our side! It’s about rebuilding all aging cells, tightening up the slack, giving back the zipper that was stolen from us, clearing those blood vessels and varicose veins, and simply helping us age gracefully. ! I’m tearing it apart!

(She was also my husband’s savior as she’s the anti-inflammation QUEEN – no wonder we love her so much?!

Studies have shown that the highest form of naturally occurring resveratrol is found in the skin of muscadine grapes. In addition, it is enough to have MORE of this superman and hero in this little grape/fruit that has been growing under our noses since the beginning of time, waiting to be left to their fate. excited

Personally, I think when God created the muscadines, he did it with a twinkle in his eye, knowing that one day, far down the road, when the world he created was going to be in such a chemical and toxic mess, he would reach out and choose the right one. human… leave a vision in your heart and let it change the world with this simple little fruit. I am honored and proud to be a part of this plan.

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