Lymphoma Cancer Symptoms in Women – Be Aware – Survive

Lymphoma symptoms in women, and especially lymphoma cancer symptoms, are easy to miss. It is, because they can be taken as the standard ailment that we women are more familiar with than by default being female.

Lymphoma is a type of cancer of lymphocytes, a type of white blood cell.

It becomes even more dangerous as our knowledge of this disease is so limited.

Let me share with you what my friend told me about his condition. “At first I started to lose weight. I’m so glad to see this happen, we all know how difficult it is to lose weight in our era (after 50). The next – a bit unusual for me – was heavy sweating, especially at night I never thought about it but it was winter time I was probably just too cold from a combination of keeping the house warm and using a heavy duvet, so I thought.Answer us whenever and wherever we want.Another day, I noticed my skin was itchy, and I had an explanation here.Some must be a problem with the soap.Another case of lymphoma symptom that I don’t recognize, “Another unplanned excuse to minimize the severity of the situation. It wasn’t until I noticed blood coughing when I decided to see my doctor.”

Why this story? To help you recognize the limited information about lymphoma symptoms that lead to a very late diagnosis, a diagnosis in the very advanced stages of cancer. If the symptoms of lymphoma cancer are detected early, the condition can be put to regression if not completely treated. However, this is not ignorance. The difficulty in recognizing the symptoms of lymphoma cancer stems from the fact that the same symptoms are so “common” in others, they are not necessarily serious conditions.

Let’s focus on the symptoms of lymphoma in women. What are they?

The first and most common are swollen lymph nodes caused by lymphoma cancer cells. This can be especially noticeable in the armpits, neck and groin. The nodes are quickly noticed not because of pain, but because of their location close to the skin surface.

The next symptom is a rapid and unintentional weight loss. Fever and night sweats, fatigue and breathing problems continue. Because these symptoms are so similar to the symptoms of infection, many patients receive the wrong treatment instead of lymphoma that is the true cause.

Mentioned here are just a few symptoms of lymphoma in women. There are at least fifteen of them that women can easily neglect because we are so used to the different kinds of inconveniences of being a woman. The list continues with abdominal pain, headache, weakness and swelling in the arms and legs, intestinal obstruction, shortness of breath, cough.

As a result, our strong recommendation is to see an oncologist if these symptoms remain unchanged (hopefully not worse) for two to three weeks. Controlling is in the patient’s best interest. The presence or absence of lymphoma can be easily diagnosed with a series of tests; The earlier the diagnosis, the better the chance of survival. And – if nothing is wrong, the peace of mind gained after such a visit is priceless.

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