How to Avoid and Treat Bodybuilding Stretch Marks

Bodybuilding is an activity that should lead you to a more fit, healthy and physically attractive body. However, it can cause unwanted side effects while building muscle, and one of these side effects is stretch marks.

Understanding the First Signs

Weight lifters and bodybuilders may notice their skin turning red or even purple as you exercise and your muscles grow. When people first realize it, they mistakenly assume it’s either because of sweat or the tension of the workout. However, this is not the case. They soon realize that these scars do not go away, and in some cases even worsen. A common myth is that men don’t understand them at all, so it’s often hard for men to believe that these red marks are actually scars on the skin.

Why Do They Occur in Weight Trainers?

Because weight trainers put great strain on their bodies, there will be a limit to the point where the skin can be stretched. While stretch marks can be a problem for teenagers and pregnant women, they are therefore extremely common among bodybuilders. They can become even more worrisome for men and women who are actively competing in competitions.

Exercising excessively without taking care of the skin can cause tears, which can cause their appearance. First off, there are several creams that can be used to both prevent and treat them. These creams have ingredients that will penetrate the damaged areas of the skin and begin to repair it once they reach the second layer of the skin.

Before making a purchase, I recommend researching them carefully to make sure they are truly effective. Bodybuilders also tend to be more self-conscious about their bodies than others, especially in their workouts and especially when competing.

One of the best and most cost-effective ways to handle them is to simply cover them up. You can cover them with clothes, socks, or you can cover them with make-up. While most of us would like to get rid of them permanently, there are times when they just need to be hidden.

If you use non-waterproof makeup, it will run off or wipe off as soon as you start sweating. To avoid this, I recommend purchasing a waterproof crack makeup solution.

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