Getting Pregnant – Top 4 Mistakes 73% of Women Make

Whether you have your first, second, or third child, getting pregnant can be one of the hardest things to do. The thing is, getting pregnant isn’t as easy as some people think. Through years of research, I’ve put together 4 common mistakes that about 73% of women tend to make while pregnant. Prepare to be shocked. Here they are:

Mistake #1. Sex Position Doesn’t Matter!

Many women think that no matter what sexual position you choose, your chances of getting pregnant are the same. This is not true. If you want to increase your chances of having a quick child, you should stick to any position that keeps the sperm inside the vagina for as long as possible. While there is no scientific proof that the man-on-top missionary position will definitely get you pregnant, there is strong public support. By having sex in positions that throw the sperm as far into the vagina as possible, you inevitably increase your chances of getting pregnant.

Mistake #2. You Should Only Have Sex When You’re Fertile!

Another common mistake many couples make when trying to conceive is that it’s best to limit sex to when the woman is at her fertile peak. This is another mistake as the more sex you have, the higher your chances of getting pregnant. Frequent sex is a very important factor in speeding up the conception process, especially around the anticipated fertilization time. Even if you’re confident that you’re fertile at a certain point in the month, it’s better to be safe and cover yourself up by having sex at least a few days before, not just during peak fertilization.

Error 3. Ovulation and Fertility Kits Not Working!

Many women have the assumption that ovulation and fertility kits are either useless or meaningless because they know themselves when they are fertile. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Although these kits are not 100% accurate, they have very high success rates. Also, too many women think they know exactly when they are fertile and often get it wrong as the body is constantly changing. Plus, by having a spare ovulation kit, you’ll increase your chances of getting pregnant as the device monitors your body’s chemical levels and indicators exactly when you’re “most” fertile. Therefore, it provides a better indication of when you should have sex for a more precise time and increases your chances of conceiving.

Mistake #4. It Won’t Really Make A Difference If My Man’s Pants Get Too Much Fire!

The last popular misconception is that it doesn’t matter if a man’s penis and testicles are hot doesn’t change anything. Studies have shown that getting a man’s testicles too hot can affect his sperm count and reduce your chances of getting pregnant. During this critical time, your partner should avoid any activity that will keep their testicles warm and fixed in one place for too long. This includes hot baths, showers, spas, sitting too long in one spot, and wearing the wrong underwear. Finally, Boxer shorts are always preferred over panties, and cotton is best.

There are many factors that increase the chances of having a baby, and many things to consider. By learning from these mistakes, you can be sure to stay away from common mistakes most couples make and follow more proven techniques to get pregnant.

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