Electronic Air Cleaners – 5 Main Types

Electronic air purifiers are an essential addition to any home or office today. With indoor air pollution being five times greater than outdoor air, many respiratory health problems are on the rise. Indoor air pollution is rapidly becoming a major problem in our country. The irony is that people complain about outdoor air pollution stating that they can’t go outside because of poor quality air, even though the air outside might actually be cleaner.

There are five main types of electronic air purifiers on the market today to help clean up air pollution in your home or office. These types are HEPA air filter, air ionizer, germicidal UV lamp, activated carbon air filter and ozone generator. Several different air cleaner models combine these different technologies in their units. Below is a general description and function of the five main types of electronic air cleaners.

HEPA Air Filters – this electronic air purifier is one of the best on the market for filtering particles as small as 0.3 microns. HEPA filters remove dust, pollen, dust mites, many bacteria and many other allergens.

Disadvantages include not removing pet hair, chemical fumes, organic and inorganic gases, cigarette smoke, odors, viruses and germs. In addition, any bacteria caught by the filter can reproduce and multiply if not cleaned regularly.

Air Ionizers – this electronic air cleaner uses an electrically charged field to cause very small particles such as cat hair to clump together as they pass through the air cleaner. It is very good for destroying viruses, bacteria, cigarette smoke and chemical fumes.

The downsides are that it does not eliminate odors, does not kill germs or fungi, and does not remove all chemicals from the air.

Germicidal UV Lamp – This electronic air purifier uses ultraviolet light to kill germs, viruses, bacteria and mold.

The disadvantages are that it has no effect on allergens, chemical fumes, gases, odors and cigarette smoke.

Activated Carbon Air Filters – This electronic air purifier works well for absorbing chemical fumes, gases, cigarette and cigar smoke and odors.

The disadvantages are that it has no effect on microorganisms, dust and allergens.

Ozone Generators – This electronic air purifier works very well for removing strong odors such as pets, cigarette and cigar smoke and some chemicals.

Disadvantages include irritating to the eyes and respiratory system, the purifier being in a closed room or turned on too high, it smells and has no effect on particulates and chemicals.

Because each of these electronic air purifiers has its strengths and weaknesses, the best option is to do research, check many different sources, and purchase a multifunctional electronic air purifier to meet your specific needs.

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