Do You Know What Butterfly Tattoos Mean?

Why do people tattoo?

Before getting a tattoo, you should be aware of the image you wish to “wear” on your skin for the rest of your life (I’m talking about permanent tattoos, of course, but not temporary tattoos). Why do people choose this or that tattoo image? The answer will be individual for each person. For some people, tattoo images have a special meaning, for example, they symbolize the principles of life and the main ideas of existence. Some people get tattoos to memorize some important event in their life like the birth of a child or something like that. Some people claim to have tattooed for their relatives or other close ones. In such a case, we can talk about tattoos that represent the names of close and dear people. And finally, some people do tattoos regardless of the potential meaning of the image; they say that for them the meaning of the picture is not important, they tattoo for the sake of the beautiful image and that’s it.

The meanings of tattoos

However, if you find yourself referring to a group of curious people for whom tattooing is important, this article is written especially for you. Butterfly tattoos are getting more and more popular nowadays. ‘Why do so many people choose this type of tattoo?’ requires an exploration of the meaning that people ascribe to them. After asking several people with butterfly tattoos what the tattoo means to them, I can come to firm conclusions.

Meanings of butterfly tattoos

As I said before, meaning is strictly individual. The butterfly is a symbol of transformation or change, love and joy. Tattoo represents beauty, changes, flight, simplicity and peace. In paintings, especially Dutch Renaissance butterflies represent fleeting love. It symbolizes both life and death, symbolizes the ages of humanity with its three stages, symbolizes reincarnation, symbolizes progress and self-completion through life, symbolizes femininity and vulnerability. Traditionally, butterflies are beautiful and many people only want them as decorations. In a deeper sense, butterflies represent rebirth or transformation from caterpillar to beautiful butterfly. There are even some very original versions: a purple butterfly symbolizes the fight against Lupus (a kind of disease) or a woman’s vagina.

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