Deciding on Pediatric Formula for Your Child

when making a decision Pediatric Formula You should consult a doctor about the use of any formula for your child. In general, all pediatric formulas are designed for children aged 1-10 years. This formula is made for kids who can’t eat solid foods or have growth concerns.

If your child does not have impaired digestion or absorption of nutrients, consider: Resource for Kids Only or Special Resource for Children with Fiber for oral or tube feedings. Resource Just For Kids is a delicious, complete nutritional formula. Source for additional calories Consider 1.5 cal for Kids Only. Resource Just For Kids 1.5 Cal is a delicious, complete nutritional formula that also provides 1.5 calories/mL and is rich in calcium to aid the growth of strong bones. Resource Just for Kids comes in a kid-friendly “juice-type” box to increase compatibility with children. Great for lunch boxes.

Consider if your child is on tube feeding, has poor digestion and doesn’t need 100% free amino acids. Pediatric Peptinex DT. Pediatric Peptinex DT is a nutritionally complete, semi-elemental tube feeding formula. Available with and without fiber. Pediatric Peptinex DT contains over 70% di- and tri-peptide and free amino acids that optimize the dual transport system in the gut and promote rapid absorption of nutrients.

Consider Compleat Pediatric if your tube-fed child does not have malabsorption but has an intolerance to semi-synthetic formulas such as Pediasure or Nutren Jr. Complete Pediatric It is a ready-to-use, blenderized tube feed formulated from traditional foods such as meat, fruit and vegetables.

If you don’t need 100% free amino acids oral nutrition for your impaired digestion, consider it. Peptinex Creamy Drink. Peptinex Creamy vanilla peptide drink is a delicious taste, high nitrogen, low fat, 100% peptide and free amino acid formula. Peptinex drink is intended for patients with gastrointestinal disorders. Also comes in a brick pak box

Review with your doctor if your child needs 100% free amino acids. Vivonex Pediatric. Vivonex Pediatric formula is a nutritionally complete essential (100% free amino acid) diet designed specifically for children aged 1-10 years. It can be used as tube feeding or consumed orally. Intended Use: TPN transition feeding, short bowel syndrome, malabsorption syndrome, selected trauma/surgery, Crohn’s disease, GI enterocutaneous fistula, persistent diarrhea, AIDS-related GI disorder.

These nutritional products incorporate the latest technology to produce these high quality products. For more information, please visit CWI Medical at

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