COVID-19 Masking Mosaic!

Citizens of Planet Earth have been wearing masks for nearly two years, or rather, have been forced to do so because of the COVID-19 pandemic, which seems extremely reluctant to help unmask the long-awaited Homo sapiens. There are varying degrees of protests or complaints, or the dangers of wearing a mask all the time. In a way, citizens are showing signs of acute mask fatigue, which is actually too unfair to even imply, given the pandemic-fatigue experienced by the tireless medical community, especially during peak periods like the disastrous Second Wave in India. . But the citizen’s point of view cannot be abandoned, because it is very real; mask fatigue, which in some cases led to large protest marches/riots in the USA or some European countries such as Germany. Therefore, it becomes our noble duty to analyze the factors, while of course the mask keeps our intimacy securely in place.

We have become accustomed to seeing people around us masking themselves in the most unique ways: some loosen their noses a little lower so that they are noticeably exposed, as if they only now understood the importance of this organ for breathing oxygen. and nitrogen is inhaled; some are more daring to wear it like a necklace that still hangs from under their chin; some even bolder to keep it in their pocket or purse and wear it as soon as law enforcement authorities show up; and similarly to this class, some also have masks as soon as they enter shopping complexes or where the ‘no mask, no entry’ sign is prominently displayed and as soon as they walk in, it’s okay (inside) actually mostly masked vendors or shopkeepers should not only smile sympathetically at them, ‘if there is, why don’t you wear it?’ should say.

Senior citizens do not complain too much as they are aware of the undeniable fact that they are the most vulnerable segment of the population to become infected. However, the full dose of vaccination required gives them a little more encouragement from starting to complain about not abandoning the masks altogether. They often turn to some doctors (we don’t know if they’re fact or fiction) and advise not to wear a mask during morning or evening walks as it can adversely affect the respiratory process. But many seniors, myself included, did not experience any discomfort during masked walks. That’s why some don’t wear it at all, while others show other uses, such as keeping the nose open or wearing it as a necklace.

The young male community is the ultimate example of violating this mask-wearing business with utter contempt, especially after being vaccinated. Their basic instinct to impress fairer opponents is a huge factor, as they can’t afford to show off their handsome features and some other ‘impressive’ activity or habits when half of their face is hidden. Demonstrations of the ‘brave’ and ‘valiant’ abound in the streets, markets, parks or playgrounds, and riding ‘brave-hearted’ race bikes, putting not only other lives at risk of crashing, but also other lives. from spreading the disease. We call them the future of a country, but they miserably fail to understand their duty to families or the other community, outside or inside.

The young women’s community had taken great interest in donning masks at the start of the pandemic era, and many were painstakingly searching for masks that would fit their outfits perfectly, or were actively undertaking the most common pandemic-industrial mask making. But, as in other cases, their interests were gradually and steadily replaced by mask fatigue, driven by similar instincts to show their beautiful faces with the full use of cosmetics such as lipstick, which was greatly affected by the sticky pandemic. So they completely stopped wearing masks, not even following their unique style of wearing, as all this would negatively affect their beauty to varying degrees and prevent them from creating the desired impressions everywhere.

There is a very important factor that causes mask fatigue that affects all the mentioned communities: This is the prolonged summer thanks to global warming, which causes sweat to accumulate inside the masks and makes it extremely uncomfortable to wear constantly. But why not carry more than one mask with you, take it off when it is unbearable, wipe your face with a disinfectant wipe and put on the second mask; we refute. There are many economically affordable masks on the market. In addition, the sweat factor comes into play when traveling/going out unnecessarily and when cramming trains, subways, planes, buses or markets; During the Durga Puja festival, especially in Kolkata, India, the ‘food-only devotees’ crowding the home-filled restaurants, waiting for hours in the dead of night and of course disregarding the masks. to persistent sweating or having to take it off anyway when they go in to eat. There is a general belief that it is not possible to eat while wearing a mask.

Governments or authorities have always been in the act of making mask-wearing mandatory, while some have had to impose penalties for violations. Authorities also observe mask-behavior patterns and instruct ‘don’t wear masks under your nose or as necklaces’. Unfortunately, however, the citizens of Planet Earth think that ‘enough’ is enough and that the ‘unmasking process’ must be initiated by the hook or the crook. With the Diwali festival coming to the fore in India, this mask fatigue could, on the contrary, lead to another peak of the pandemic, God forbid, completely reversing the desired ‘unmasking’ process. Indian states always ban fireworks during Diwali celebrations, but the ambiguity of its definition allows for ‘green crackers’, as seen last year, leading to the usual pollution and crowds displaying indomitable ‘firepower’.

We must conclude with a disclaimer that no generalizations are made in this piece. In fact, a large part of the population, including people in all the communities mentioned here, still follow norms such as wearing masks very sincerely. The only concern is the growing numbers of ‘unmasked Covidiots’ everywhere, putting the norm-abiding population at risk. To finally get a serious tone, it has been medically proven that vaccine shots do not guarantee complete protection from infection, but only reduce the severe type of disease and hospitalization; however, people with multiple illnesses and low immunity are still at high risk, and careless youth are putting their lives at risk by carrying and spreading the virus.

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