Boost Fertility, Fight Infertility – Balance Your Hormones and Get Pregnant Naturally

The mistake most infertile couples make is waiting too long to get pregnant. Yes, infertility is a couple’s job, not just a woman’s job. About 40 percent of infertility is blamed on women. The other 40% are blamed for male infertility factors. Five percent is shared by two couples and the remaining 5% is said to be due to unknown factors. Now, getting pregnant is a natural process and whenever a couple is labeled as ‘infertile’ there is a problem. This is because Western medicine and fertility doctors have few solutions for infertility sufferers. Western fertility doctors are limited to harmful drugs, invasive procedures and aggressive surgery. All these methods are exercise in vain rather than fertility. Orthodox medicine has limitations and limitations that do not address the root cause of infertility in the first place.

For example, fertility drugs such as clomiphene citrate (clomid) are associated with ovarian cysts and cancer. Yes, clomid can also cause multiple pregnancies and deformed babies if they work. Now in trying to treat anovulation (not laying eggs), clomiphene creates multiple premature ovulations and exhausted ovaries. Infertile women need healthy ovaries to produce eggs, have a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby.

Another cause of infertility, and perhaps the most important, is hormonal imbalance. The reproductive hormones are FSH, LH, Estrogen, progesterone and testosterone. Hormonal imbalance is the underlying cause of all other secondary causes of infertility, such as fibroids, ovarian cysts, endometriosis, endometrial hyperplasia, irregular periods, heavy periods or abortion. This is because there is a motto in natural medicine that says “for any symptom (in this case, infertility) or symptom complex, there is always an imbalance behind it”.

Estrogen dominance, compared to progesterone, is the biggest cause of infertility. This is because of all the estrogen sources in the environment and it gets worse day by day. These include xenoestrogens, plant estrogens, and mycoestrogens. On the other hand, too many infertile women have low progesterone.

Remember that progesterone is the hormone of pregnancy. Its name is derived from pro-gestation, meaning ‘for pregnancy’. Therefore, to get pregnant, you must raise the level of progesterone and balance it with the normal level of good estrogen, such as estriol. Hormonal imbalance is an important factor in infertility that orthodox obstetricians fail to address. Natural pregnancy remedies can cure this condition and pave the way for an infertile woman to become pregnant.

Here are the steps you can take to combat female infertility, stop estrogen dominance while balancing your hormones, get pregnant and have a healthy baby:

The infertile woman must learn to listen to her body and avoid all junk, processed, inanimate and chemical foods. Eat organic non-estrogenic foods whenever possible. Any food that can increase fertility can treat infertility. Dr. “Anything that can prevent the disease can cure it,” says Benard Jensen.

Therefore, avoid foods such as soybeans, commercial vegetable oils, flaxseed, carrots, dioxins, organophosphates, stored nuts, and bread contaminated with myco-estrogens.

Aggressive cleansing and detoxification of the blood, liver, colon and kidneys. Bitters such as gentian, chaste berry (vitex), Chinese bitters, goldenseal and wormwood (which also kills parasites) are very important. This is because they also clean the reproductive organs. Then introduce superfoods like acai, avocado, mango, tomato, and green vegetable juices. These foods also correct abnormalities in the reproductive organs that prepare the body for infertility. It’s hard to be barren when you eat the regular recommendation of five servings of fruit and vegetables a day. Exceptions to this rule are menopause and structural abnormality of the underlying reproductive organs. All infertile couples need to take supplements to increase fertility, as food is not enough or has not been chemicalized.

Now comes the fertile food supplement. To balance your pregnancy hormones and regulate your period, you need a systemic enzyme mix containing nattokinase and serrapeptase. These enzymes work best with myoma, which blocks estrogen at receptor sites in the ovary, uterus, thyroid, and fat cells. Myomin also reverses the aromatization of testosterone into harmful estrogen (estradiol). Myomin also aids in the detoxification work of the liver and cleans the blood while regulating the immune system.

Combined with hormonal balance is stress management. When a couple is labeled as vicious, the psychic component kicks in. None of us can eliminate stress; we can only control it. The mind-body connection comes into play in infertility management. I prefer to call it psycho-spiritual infertility treatment. Emotions and hormones go hand in hand. And stress is very important in body balance and getting pregnant. High doses of vitamin C, astragulus, magnesium, zinc and vitamin B complex (especially B6) are essential for controlling stress as they balance enzymes (enzymes activate hormones) and are adaptogens that help the body cope with stress. Letting go and allowing God, forgiveness, and a positive outlook on life are essential to combating infertility. Because the human spirit, soul and body are always taken into consideration in the evaluation of the infertile couple and in the holistic struggle with infertility.

Evaluation of the infertile couple should include male infertility factors. We must not forget about male infertility based on sperm viability. Semen analysis is essential in male infertility research. All of the above fertility foods prescribed for infertile woman are also good for increasing male fertility. Food supplements balance male hormones, increase sperm count, vitality, mobility, longevity and endurance. Healthy sperm also show resistance to anti-sperm antibodies (the hidden cause of infertility) found in the woman’s reproductive system.

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