Bird Dust Air Purifier – 4 Must Have Filters

Bird dust is produced by feather parrots. Includes African Grey, Cockatoo, Parrot and some Amazons. This fine white powder is essential for the healthy growth and development of wing feathers, but can wreak havoc in your home, your lungs, and your birds’ lungs.

An air purifier is the least invasive and most effective way to constantly remove dust. Here are 4 filters that should be effective.

HEPA—This type of filter is designed to remove microscopic particles that the human eye cannot see. And while dust is probably your biggest concern, dandruff is a strong allergen to humans and can also block your bird’s airways.

By definition, high-efficiency particulate trap (abbreviated as HEPA) filtration should be able to remove 99.997 out of every 10,000 particles up to 0.3 microns in size. This is the same technology that hospitals use to provide clean air. A filter that can remove dust and dandruff with an efficiency of 97% gives you a great advantage.

Carbon Cloth — Birds are incredibly sensitive to gases, odors and chemicals. In fact, these pollutants can be deadly in even the smallest doses.

This sensitivity to gases has been confirmed for many years when miners have taken canaries to the mines. The death of the canaries was an indication that the air quality was getting unsanitary and it was time for people to leave.

Fortunately this practice was discontinued years ago, but the effect of gases on birds remains real. The Carbon Cloth was developed by the British Army in response to chemical warfare. And since it is a cloth, it also provides additional removal of particles.

Large Particulate Pre-Filter — This is often the first line of defense against particulates and is a cotton-like filter designed to trap house dust, pet and human hair and pet dander. Having this filter first means that other smaller measure filters are not unnecessarily populated. Instead, it is reserved for smaller particles that the large prefilter cannot capture.

Medium Particle Pre-Filter — Located just behind the large particle pre-filter, it is best at capturing pollen and mold and mildew spores. While these are not avian pollutants, they are undesirable for both humans and birds. And the added benefit of all these filters is that while they reduce bird-related particles, they also remove normal household pollutants.

A cleaner with a canister containing these 4 filters is best at making the air cleaner for birds and humans. And this is the beginning of happily ever after for everyone.

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