Best Sex Position During Pregnancy

Many couples expecting to have a baby soon fear the misconception that having sex can harm the baby. This is not entirely true. If it’s a normal pregnancy without any complications, it’s okay to have sex once in a while. However, making the best sex positions during pregnancy should be thoroughly researched by both couples to know exactly their role during intercourse.

The role of the partner depends on the type of position they want to use. Take the spoon position, for example. In this position, the man is the one who takes the initiative to do the pushing movement while lying on his side behind the woman. The woman’s role is to communicate only when it becomes painful or pleasurable to the man. On the other hand, in the woman at the top, the woman takes the responsibility. She positions herself above the man as she dictates the rhythm of the movement with the up and down movement of her body. Be sure to pause for a while when he is uncomfortable.

There are also other sex positions that every pregnant couple can try during pregnancy. The important thing to keep in mind when doing this is to be careful, courteous, and convey even the slightest sign of discomfort to your partner. For a couple who love each other very much, having sex during pregnancy will not only strengthen their relationship but also build trust with each other.

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