Best Civil Engineering Books

The application of scientific and physical principles is all about civil engineering. Whether you’re an engineer or studying to be an engineer, you need to have a good understanding of math and physics. It is important that you have good and up-to-date civil engineering books that cover all the important areas of this very dynamic field. To become a professional engineer, you must take and pass a written Principles and Practice of Engineering (PE) exam. Here are a few of the best-selling civil engineering books to help you better understand this area and prepare for your physical education exam.

By Indranil Goswami Civil Engineering All-in-One PE Test Guide: Breadth and Depth probably the best reference book for the PE exam. The book comes with the actual format of the exam so you can become familiar with the structure of the exam. It not only covers what you need to know to pass the exam, but also serves as an important on-the-job reference. The book covers important civil engineering topics such as structures, geotechnical and civil engineering.

Civil PE Professional Engineering Exam Construction Module Ruwan Rajapakse is an exercise book with sample problems similar to those you might find in the real exam. It also has examples and step-by-step solutions, complete with illustrations. The book covers various topics such as horizontal curves and vertical curves of highway constructions, multi-storey buildings, construction grade pile markings, machine horsepower calculation and others.

If you want a good reference book that you can use daily, Analysis and Behavior of Structures By Edwin Rossow would be a good choice. This is an excellent reference book for civil engineering students because it highlights the assumptions and limitations they must consider when creating mathematical models for analysis. The book will also help you distinguish between nonlinear and linear problems.

Environmental technology is also an integral part of civil engineering, so Jerry Nathanson’s Core Environmental Technology: Water Supply, Waste Management and Pollution Control It is a good choice for students or engineers who want to better understand chemistry, geology, biology and hydraulics. It is an easy-to-read book that provides an introduction to related topics such as pollution control, waste management or water supply. This book is also a good reference book for professionals working in the field of public health protection or environmental quality control.

There are other books that cover specific areas of civil engineering. And since this branch of engineering is a very wide field, it would be better if you could identify the areas you need to improve and find the most suitable books online.

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