Benefits of Silk Crib Bed

If you want supreme comfort, power and luxury for your baby, consider outfitting his crib with premium silk crib linens. With the strongest natural fabric, soil resistant qualities and superior absorbency, silk crib bedding is one of the best bedding you can use for baby bedding. Available in a wide variety of styles, designs and colours, silk bedding has the advantage of being cool in the summer and warm in the winter, so your baby is always comfortable while they take a nap or sleep at night. There are many famous brand manufacturers that offer this type of bedding for boys and girls, so browse through your favorite baby boutique to find the set that is right for you.

Most silk crib bedding sets will consist of silk dupioni fabric containing natural silk obtained from the cocoons of the silk moth. Used for many luxury items such as sheets, covers and pillowcases, silk is one of the most comfortable and absorbent natural fabrics available. With 18 amino acids in its fabric, silk crib bedding has natural soothing qualities that are perfect for newborn skin. Many parents worry that cotton and wool will irritate baby’s skin, and for good reason. Spills are quite common on baby bedding made from cheaper materials, and while you may be saving money, you’re not doing your little one any favors.

Olena Boyko, Picci, and Cotton Tale Designs are some of the well-known crib mattress manufacturers that offer silk linens. These manufacturers are highly respected for their attention to detail, safety precautions and appropriate designs that work well in both traditional and contemporary nurseries. Consisting of bumpers, crib skirts, blankets, sheets and pillowcases, silk duvet cover sets have everything you need to cuddle your baby in luxurious comfort. Choose from a wide variety of vibrant and elegant color schemes including cream, champagne, baby blue and pink to match your particular nursery decor.

Silk crib mattress is also moth and mildew resistant; this is ideal when you leave home for vacation because you don’t have to worry about mattresses being damaged by these conditions. However, silk is not recommended for machine washing, so if you decide to buy silk for a baby crib, know that dry cleaning is the only option for caring for this fabric. But the sheets are so luxurious and soft that you won’t mind spending extra time crafting the materials, and your baby boy or girl will know early on how much mom and dad value them.

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