Benefits of Sandalwood and Moss Soap

Natural cosmetics such as sandalwood or seaweed soap are gaining increasing popularity among people who care about the health of their skin. For example, sandalwood oil obtained from Santalum trees originating in India and Australia. The trees are felt, chopped, and the sap is distilled to harvest the oil, which is then diluted to the appropriate strength for use in soaps and other cosmetics.

Healing Properties

The essential oils contained in sandalwood are known to soothe skin irritations and moisturize dry skin. It is also used in traditional Ayurvedic medicine and aromatherapy due to its spicy and woody beneficial perfume and antimicrobial properties. The last feature is important when it comes to fighting skin infections, irritations and fungi. It also helps against common problems like athlete’s foot, ringworm and even lessens the impact of acne on the skin. Sandalwood soap is very gentle on the skin and therefore ideal for daily use.

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Sandalwood oil is used not only in soaps but also in moisture-reducing talc. A shampoo is also made with this ingredient for use on irritated scalps to calm the skin. Bath and shower gels containing sandalwood help moisturize dry skin such as psoriasis patients. Teens will appreciate its ability to reduce blackheads and acne, and men will appreciate the smooth and non-irritating properties of Sandalwood shaving cream and soap.


Many skin conditions, irritations and diseases can benefit from being treated with sandalwood products. It is also ideal for people with extremely sensitive skin who need to be careful with normal skin care products. They are ideal gifts for both people with irritated skin and those whose skin is still healthy. These are the advantages of sandalwood, the benefits of seaweed soap are that it tones and strengthens the skin. It also exfoliates and reduces wrinkles. Seaweed soap and products will remove dead skin cells and provide a healthy glow to the underlying skin. Both are natural products that benefit every skin type.

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