Benefits of Pig Raising Equipment

Pigs are more sensitive animals than sheep, goats and other animals and require better management. However, they have the advantage of providing better returns, as their feed-to-feed ratio is higher than other animals, and they also have a high reproductive rate.

The quality and development of pigs is dependent on feeding and housing systems and therefore it is important for a pig farmer to use modern pig farming equipment that will help raise healthy pigs and ultimately increase the return on investment.

Some of the Modern Pig Raising Equipment:


  • Pregnancy Stops: A pregnancy pause is primarily to house pregnant sows. These stops can be used during the breeding, pregnancy and furrowing stages. They provide enough space for a sow and make the physical examination and insemination process very easy. They also help protect the sow from injury and control feed intake.
  • Finishing Benches: These stalls are best for accommodating pigs weighing more than 40kg.
  • Weaning Stalls: These barns are designed for newborn pigs, not polluting the environment and providing comfort for babies.

Pig Feeders

  • drinking bowl: Modern pig drinkers are hygienic and the curved design prevents dust from entering the water. They also reduce fecal pollution.
  • Nipple Drinker: Nipple drinkers are automatic and do not allow any leakage.
  • Dry-wet Feeder: The advantage of dry-wet feeders is that they save feed and are designed not to damage the noses of the pigs.
  • Creep Feeder: It is used to provide feed in grooving crates for piglets. They help if the mother tooth does not have enough milk. They are easy to clean and can be used for both feeding and irrigation.


  • Exhaust fans: When exhaust fans are installed in a poultry farm, they can pump out a large amount of polluted air without making much noise.
  • Cooling Pads: It is important to keep the air inside the barns clean as the climate affects the productive capacity of the pigs. The cooling pad consists of a fan, rotating discs, motor and water bowl. The fan pumps out unhealthy air and the rotator discs spray water into the chamber.
  • Dynamic Ventilation: Energy consumption can be greatly reduced by using frequency controlled fans. They can be mounted on any workbench and can also be accessed remotely.


  • Pig Stable Mat: Electric Heating Mats are combined with feeder, water bowl and heating pads. They not only take good care of pigs, but also prevent electric shock.
  • Plastic Floor: These floors provide good furrow and prevent frequent contact between pigs and manure. They do not corrode and are easy to clean.
  • Fiberglass Beam: These beams act as supports for breeding fences.

Fertilizer Processing

  • Scrapers: Mechanical manure removal systems remove feces and urine separately from the pig barn. They save a lot of labor cost.
  • Fermentation Machine: Fermentation machines are used for sludge, feces, sludge, etc. It is used for fermentation of substances and conversion into pig manure.

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