Altair Home Air Purifiers

Everyone loves the convenience of being able to travel the world by air. Because of the safety and convenience of air travel, it’s also great that we can visit family and friends from far away places. But the problem today is that there are other air travelers who are not so welcome. Smoke from forest fires in Alaska can travel as far as Europe and Africa, according to a study by NASA in 2007. This atmospheric study concluded that gases, smoke and aerosols travel on an intercontinental scale. Since it is not located near any factories or other sources of air pollution, you may think that your home is free from airborne pollution.

Airborne pollution from another continent can still go where you are. Any pollutant released into the atmosphere can travel between continents. This could include smoke from any wildfire, any aerosol product, or any industrial pollution. However, you can pick up these transcontinental travelers when they arrive at your home.

This study supports previous studies that have already documented the travel of airborne pollutants from Asia to the Pacific Ocean. Research by NASA in 2007 shows that airborne pollutants can travel faster than previously thought. Where you live, they can travel and pollute the air in your home.

Altair home air cleaners drive these travelers away from your home

Altair’s household air purifiers have a filtration system that can remove pollutants from the air in your home. Altair filtration uses carbon to filter out airborne contaminants. The carbon in Altair home air cleaners can remove airborne chemicals, gases and odor-causing compounds from your home environment.

You cannot prevent atmospheric air currents from carrying airborne pollutants and keeping you alive. But once they arrive, you can filter your home environment with the Altair home cleaner. Most of the carbon in the purifier helps ensure they don’t get trapped and harm you.

You can also protect yourself from bacteria and mold in your home by choosing an ultraviolet germicidal lamp that will help neutralize pollutants present in your home. This is advanced protection that traps airborne contaminants as well as killing contamination from bacteria and molds.

Carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, aerosols and smoke can travel with air currents wherever your home is. Most of these can be filtered out of your home with an Altair air purifier. You can prevent many of these unwanted transcontinental travelers from littering your home when they arrive. You can also get an additional layer of protection by killing contaminants from bacteria and molds. This air purifier can protect you and your family from unwanted visitors in your home environment.

You cannot get away from pollution in the air, but once it arrives, you can deal with it effectively. When you can filter out these pollutants, there is no reason to allow pollutants to endanger your health or that of your family.

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