Air Purifiers for Budgies – 5 Effective Features a Cleaner Should Have

Budgerigars, short for budgies, are beautiful, small, bright and energetic birds. Budgerigars, as they are commonly known, are probably what most non-bird people think of when they see birds as pets.

Looking for an air purifier for their budgerigar cage or bird room means you realize how dependent they are on you to provide them with fresh air. Here are 5 features that will allow you to choose a cleaner that suits their and your needs.

HEPA Technology—- Budgerigars, like other birds, will produce dandruff, dust and small pieces of feathers. These avian pollutants are in addition to the normal household irritants found in all interiors.

Being able to filter out particles is the goal of HEPA (or high efficiency particle retention) technology. By definition, this type of filter should be able to remove 99.997 out of every 10,000 airborne particles that are 0.3 microns in size or larger.

This means your budgies can easily remove airborne particles that they will send into the air as they clean, fly or sift seeds. It can also capture airborne bacteria and viruses that often attach to airborne particles.

Long Filter Life — No filter can last long. But there will be a box of filters. Having multiple filters in one box is a cost-effective and low-maintenance solution for birdroom filtration.

A unit with pre-filters to capture large and medium particles would help make the more complex HEPA filter available to capture microscopic ones. This also reduces the frequency with which you have to change the filter. There are no bad new ones out there.

Using multiple filters in a box makes it easy to replace as you can easily pull the old box out and slide the new one in. This eliminates the need to place each filter in the correct slot or opening. Thank you.

Sturdy Construction — Birds will become birds. So you know they will explore with their beaks and feet. A unit made of steel is literally as strong as a nail and will not crack or break under the supervision of your bird friends.

Steel is also easy to clean up messes and no outgassing if the body gets hot from engine heat.

Oxygen Only — HEPA technology is one of the safest technologies for air purification, as evidenced by the fact that hospitals use it to provide clean air. This type of filter produces zero ozone and contains no ionized particles. The only byproduct is a healthy and natural — oxygen.

24 Hour Operations—-One of the best defenses is a proactive but non-invasive attack. The best offense in the world of filtration is to constantly clean the air. This prevents pollutant levels from rising to the point where they can cause adverse health effects for you and your birds.

Choosing the best air purifier for these beautiful birds doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Choosing a cleaner with these 5 traits will ensure that pollutant levels stay low and your quality of life stays high.

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