African Gray Air Purifier – 5 Things Your Bird Needs in an Air Purifier

African Grays are magnificent birds and companions; but the white powder they produce is not spectacular at all. Keeping the air free of these particles is very important and an air purifier is a must. Here are 5 features to help you bring home a cleaner that works.

Continuous Filtering — The white wing dust that grays constantly produce can become nearly impossible to control and can be dangerous to the health of both you and your bird. This powder helps keep the bird’s wings healthy, but trying to keep it under control can be daunting.

Not only is it unsightly, but allowing your bird to breathe air clogged with dust, dander, feathers and other household pollutants can block their airways. And blocked airways often allow disease and infection to be controlled. Birds instinctively hide signs of illness. Therefore, when the problem arose, it was often too late to save his life.

Having a cleaner that can send 250 cubic feet of fresh air into the room every 60 seconds gives you and your Gray a huge advantage in staying healthy. And this type of cleaning, although thorough, does not require your time.

The Only By-product is Clean Air — For your and your bird’s well-being, stay away from filtration methods that produce ozone or ionized particles. These filtering methods often cause more problems than cure. For ozone to be effective, levels must be so high that it can be deadly to humans and birds. And ionized particles can sometimes stick to the airways instead of being eliminated. In contrast, just plain old fresh air has no downside.

HEPA Filter — By definition, this type of filter is designed to remove particles 3 microns in size or larger. This includes the invisible down, which is often forgotten due to dust issues. HEPA filters can also remove viruses and bacteria from the air as they often bind to larger particles to pass from one host to another.

Carbon Filter — All living things have their own unique smell, and birds are no different. Being able to expel the scents produced makes your environment a pleasant place for birds and people.

A carbon cloth filter offers the best of both worlds. Designed by the British Army as a defense against chemical warfare, it is capable of removing gaseous pollutants. However, since it is woven, it also has the ability to destroy particles in the air.

Sturdy Construction — African Grays have very strong beaks. And because they are very intelligent birds, they will discover new things in their environment such as an air cleaner and tend to explore with their beaks.

Having a unit made of steel gives you peace of mind because the harder they bite, the harder you know the steel is. This greatly reduces the chance of injury or suffocation due to a piece of cleaner your bird can pull out.

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