A Detailed Understanding of Morgellons Disease and Possible Treatment

Morgellons disease is an unexplained and controversial skin condition. Unfortunately, this condition is not common and therefore poorly understood. It is characterized by small particles of fiber coming out of skin wounds. Patients also feel a stinging sensation on the skin or as if something is crawling on them. There are facts you need to know about Morgellons disease.

Because MD is not well understood, some practitioners treat it as a delusional invasion. This means that patients receive cognitive behavioral therapy, counseling, antipsychotic medications, and even antidepressants. Other doctors will even treat the concern as a contagious skin cell problem.

Some of the signs and symptoms associated with MD include extremely itchy skin sores or rashes and a crawling sensation under or over the skin as if an insect is biting, stinging or crawling on you. Patients also feel tired, have difficulty concentrating, fall into a depressed mood and experience short-term memory loss. The most obvious symptom is threads, fibers, or a black, fibrous material on or in the skin.

MD can be extremely interfering with a patient’s quality of life, mainly due to intense itching and open sores. The results of studies conducted by different groups over the decades have been conflicting, but multiple results have indicated a possible link between MD and Borrelia spirochetes. However, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ruled out the possibility of concern caused by parasites or infections.

Practitioners refer to MD as an unexplained dermatopathy because the fiber samples from skin wounds are cotton. This anxiety is more common among middle-aged white women, and its signs and symptoms are quite similar to those of mental difficulties, which include delusional infestation or more false beliefs about parasite infestation. Unfortunately, there is no definitive diagnosis, guidance, or treatment for this disease.

There are specially formulated salt baths that can help manage and alleviate this health problem. Salt baths, typically called Morgellons baths, can help remove substances from the skin. Regular baths with essential oils can also help speed up the healing of wounds. Fill your tub with warm water and add these products and then let it sit for at least an hour. This will help remove the cyst formation. You can then rinse in the shower.

MD symptoms are troubling and therefore you need compassionate treatment. Start by establishing a relationship with a competent and caring healthcare team and work with a practitioner who acknowledges the concern and not only draws up a treatment plan, but also conducts thorough examinations. Patience is required as a patient because any ethical physician should consider other evidence-based treatments before considering an MD diagnosis.

Keeping an open mind is essential if you want to find lasting relief. In some cases, there are sound reasons for a practitioner to recommend mental health treatment. Treating concerns like anxiety and depression can help you better understand skin wounds when your thinking, mood or behavior is not affected by mental health issues.

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