A Closer Look at Lip Eczema – Why Is No One Kissing Me?

One problem that many people worry about kissing or even showing their face in public or on a date is lip eczema. This rare type of eczema is known scientifically as angular cheilitis, which is known to be responsible for symptoms that include chapped and dry lips that can swell without warning. Although lip eczema may seem like a gross and almost contagious disease, sometimes it looks like herpes, which is a contagious disease, lip eczema is not contagious. Additionally, this itchy skin condition is unique from herpes in that, unlike herpes simplex, it usually only occurs on the part of the mouth where the skin meets the outside of the lip. mouth.

People dealing with this chronic problem fall into several categories. Heredity is an important factor because if you have a common genetic disorder in your lineage to deal with this problem, eczema is more likely to follow. This problem may also develop in people who constantly lick their lips, have bad dentures, or are allergic to certain food groups. Avoiding certain foods like peanuts, soy, eggs, and orange juice can be a great start to prevent further breakouts. Always use lip balm with SP-15 as the main ingredient, as this will keep your lips hydrated while also ensuring that you don’t touch or scratch your inflamed lips. Scratching this area sometimes causes infection and spread of disease.

After trying to determine why the symptoms of lip eczema are predominant, it is important that you resort to methods that will heal your lips and stop the feeling of embarrassment. While there are several options to explore with varying degrees of success, be sure to look at natural remedies before investing in any treatment. Natural remedies can save your liver from destruction while maintaining your life expectancy.

One of the best remedies is to switch to paraben and formaldehyde free natural products that are better for both skin and lips. Continuous daily application of natural lip balm with SP-15 can relieve swelling and irritation while moisturizing the lips. Lip balm with SP-15 is available in Melaleuca and various health food stores and is not very expensive.

Avoidance techniques also seem to work great in combating lip eczema. Certain products that we routinely use on our lips, such as lip gloss and a highly scented lip stick, have been found to be good for lip eczema.

In addition, not biting our lips and drinking plenty of water has shown that it works very well in the fight for our lips. The combined effort to keep the lips from drying out by constantly biting and moisturizing the body with plenty of water appears to result in a higher rate of new skin formation on the lips.

There are plenty of natural options to explore. Look for natural remedies and remedial solutions before investing in harder options that contain steroids. At the same time, never itch or bite your lips because this means almost no doubt that your lip eczema will linger and never go away; just get worse.

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