Vitiligo Treatment Using Ginkgo Biloba Extracts – Ginkgo Biloba Benefits

Vitiligo is basically a skin disease, iatrogenic in character, but according to some, autoimmune disorders and genetics are also to blame. In this type of disease, the area around the skin loses its color and appears lighter in places. This particular patch will be quite prone to sunburn and the hairs can easily turn white.

According to current reports, 4 percent of the total world adult population may be under attack from this disease. This syndrome makes its patients highly conscious of themselves and their appearance, even though it is not contagious. Vitiligo became a worldwide known skin disease after the king of pop, Michael Jackson, said that his skin color changed from black to white due to his suffering from Vitiligo.

Older medical treatments for skin disease used topical steroid fluids, but these seemed insignificant because either there was no improvement or it took so long for the skin to regain its original color that people almost gave up hope.

Fortunately, the Ginkgo Biloba app today is changing that for the better. Ginkgo is very effective here as it contains anti-inflammatory, immunomodulatory and antioxidant plant. This is why many people believe Ginkgo is beneficial because this disease is the result of free radical damage to one’s skin and ginkgo helps to prevent and rebuild the process.

Tremendous efforts are being made by researchers and R&D to find out what different benefits Ginkgo Biloba extracts can provide to patients under the influence of Vitiligo. As of today, there is clear evidence that oral consumption rather than topical use is highly recommended for the treatment of Vitiligo.

One such small study, applying forty ml of Ginkgo Biloba extract daily, showed that it has the power to stop the progression of Vitiligo. However, these results can be perfected with further research and study.

One such large study was conducted to find the benefits of Ginkgo in vitiligo patients, 47 adults with slow growing skin disease were selected and administered with a single type of Ginkgo Biloba extract containing 120 milligrams, 9.6 milligrams of ginkgo flavone glycosides or something similar every day for six months.

Photographs of that particular area were taken every 6 weeks to closely monitor the gradual change in the rate and size of pigment change. For those administered with ginkgo extracts, the spread of the disease was halted for 80 percent, while only 36 percent of those administered the placebo experienced a halt in spreading.

Patients with facial Vitiligo scars and consuming Ginkgo stopped the spread, as did people with similar conditions, but people in the placebo group did not have any reversal. The Ginkgo Group had 40 percent re-pigmentation from this group, complete or marked, but only 10 percent from the placebo had something similar to show.

For those looking for an additional supplement to help them recover, certain studies are underway, such as vitamin C, PABA, folic acid with vitamin B12, and L phenylalanine. No such side effects have been observed so far with regard to vitiligo treatments.

As time goes on, more and more people love the positive effects of Ginkgo Biloba extracts used to treat Vitiligo because it provides them with valuable treatment.

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