Top Things That Accelerate Skin Aging

The face and hands are always exposed, which is one of the main reasons why they are the first areas of our body to show signs of aging. Any weather can affect the skin, whether it’s exposed to the cold, wind and rain in winter or the heat of the sun in summer. And it’s not just the weather; Pollution and car exhaust fumes can also play a role in aging our skin.

Many things accelerate the aging process of the skin:

  • Stress – symptoms of stress can appear on your skin, hair, and nails.

  • Insomnia – Those who sleep poorly may have finer lines, uneven skin color, and loosening of the skin.

  • Sun damage – the sun is responsible for most of the visible signs of skin aging. UVA rays emitted by the sun can cause pigmentation, decreased skin elasticity through the destruction of collagen and elastin, and skin texture quality.

  • Smoking – exposure to smoke, even passive smoking, can damage elastin fibers, causing sagging skin, age spots, and lines and wrinkles around the mouth.

  • Pollution and environment – ​​can cause fine lines and dark circles under the eyes. Dehydrated skin can leave skin dry, rough and itchy, and city dust and dirt can clog pores, causing blemishes and making skin look lifeless and dull.

One of the main things we notice as a result of normal aging is loss of volume. As we age, our facial fat is often lost, resulting in thinning of the soft tissues. collagen; dense fibers for strength and elastin; Elastic fibers for flexibility will become less tight and elastic as we age, allowing facial soft tissue to sag. This causes the face to appear thinner and the facial bones to appear more prominent.

cheeks – there is less collagen and elastin production, so aging skin is vulnerable to the effects of gravity and can sag, which can cause jowl and under-eye bags.

Mouth – Laughter lines deepen and the fine lines that surround the lips, known as smokers’ lines, begin to appear, and we lose definition, causing lipstick to bleed.

eyes – the upper and lower eyes begin to droop, dark circles and torn furrows appear.

facial thread veins – Blood vessels in aging thin skin are more likely to break, bruise, or permanently widen, causing veins.

age spots – these occur when the pigment cells in the skin increase in certain areas and come together to cause sunspots, freckles or liver spots.

Forehead – Gains wrinkles and grooves with repetitive facial expression movements over time.

Skin – Due to the thinning of the aging skin, general wrinkles may occur on the face. Reduced skin cell turnover will result in thinner crepe like skin. More mature skin also has fewer sweat and sebaceous glands, so it is prone to dryness.

Reputable cosmetic clinics offer the latest, safe and effective cosmetic medical treatments to delay skin aging. Some wrinkles, some sagging or dark circles may make you look older than you are, but an experienced and fully trained practitioner can help you choose from a variety of treatments and recommend which treatment is appropriate for your concerns.

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