Three Black Foods Suitable for Pregnant Women in Spring

Spring is in the air with warm weather and gentle breeze. In the spring, everything starts to come alive and nature takes its most beautiful form. Pregnant women should take care of themselves, pay attention to diet, get some exercise and establish good habits. Experts recommend that pregnant women should eat the following 3 black foods whenever possible.

1. laver

Laver is rich in iodine, calcium, algin, mannite, B-complex vitamins, fiber and other components. It can lower cholesterol and soften blood vessels, preventing thyromegaly (a type of disease commonly called big neck disease) caused by iodine deficiency. The recommended dish in everyday cooking is seaweed soup with dried small shrimps and eggs. Among these ingredients, shrimp is also an excellent thing for calcium supplementation.

2. Black Rice

Black rice contains plenty of protein, and among the 17 kinds of amino acids, the content of lysine and arginine is three times that of white rice or polished rice. The iron content of black rice is six times that of ordinary rice, which can enrich the blood. Moreover, traditional Chinese medicine believes that black rice has the effects of stimulating appetite, stimulating the spleen, warming the liver, improving eyesight, and stimulating the blood. The best way to eat black rice is to cook porridge, and steaming black rice is also okay.

3. Black Sesame

Black cumin seeds are rich in iron and vitamin E, which can improve anemia and delay cell aging. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that black cumin seeds can strengthen the kidney, nourish the blood, and make hair darker. Black sesame seeds are indigestible. People with weak stomachs can choose to drink black sesame soup or grind black sesame seeds into powder that can be used as a kind of filling for glutinous rice balls.

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