The Two Rare But Healthiest Foods for Pregnancy

It is not enough to know about the different types of essential nutrients required for a healthy pregnancy; You will also need to learn about the food sources that provide these nutrients. For example, you probably already know that you and your growing baby need iron, fiber, and folic acid to maintain good health, but do you know that you can easily get all these nutrients simply by eating the appropriate amount of chives? Likewise, if you are trying to increase your calcium intake, you may want to consider adding figs to your diet. Below is a brief rundown of three less common but very tasty foods that can fulfill your nutritional needs quite efficiently.


Chives contain all the essential nutrients you and your baby need, such as magnesium, calcium, vitamin B6, vitamin C, fiber, iron and folic acid (folate). Magnesium is a very important nutrient for both you and your baby because magnesium takes an active part in over three hundred cellular reactions that take place in your pregnant body. Besides that, magnesium also helps in relieving many common pregnancy symptoms and ailments such as constipation. Just sprinkle chives in your diet and it can meet your magnesium needs.

In addition, each 2 tablespoons of chives contains about 0.1 milligrams of iron, 3.5 milligrams of vitamin C and 6.4 micrograms of folic acid. A pregnant body needs the proper amount of iron for the healthy growth of the baby, but your body also needs adequate amounts of vitamin C for the proper absorption of iron. You can easily meet both needs by eating chives. Folic acid, on the other hand, is probably the most important nutrient for a pregnant woman, especially in the first trimester of pregnancy. It is very important to remember that a lack of folic acid in your body can cause structural defects in your baby, which can be fatal. Therefore, proper intake of folic acid is very important, which you can easily get with a daily intake of 2 tablespoons of chopped fresh chives.

Tips for Making Delicious Healthy Pregnancy Diets Using Chives

Serving size – 2 tablespoons, chopped chives

– Take softened cream cheese and add chopped chives to it and spread it on a slice of bread, tortilla chips, crackers or bagels.

– Sprinkle chives over your baked potato

– Sprinkle some on your soup or salad


Pregnant women are often prescribed super multivitamin-mineral tablets, but do you know that leeks can be the herbal equivalent of all these tablets? One cup of raw leeks contains 0.4 micrograms of manganese, 2 micrograms of iron, 40 micrograms of vitamin K, 0.2 milligrams of vitamin B6 and 60 micrograms of folate (folic acid). In addition, leeks are a rich source of calcium; One cup of raw leeks contains 55 milligrams of calcium.

Vitamin K is essential for healthy bone growth and proper blood clot formation, while manganese plays a crucial role in a baby’s normal skeletal development. Likewise, vitamin B6 not only reduces the tendency to nausea and morning sickness, but also plays an important role in metabolizing energy in your body from protein, fat, and carbohydrates in your diet. In fact, the mild, sweet taste of leeks makes it a great food to fight morning sickness. Calcium, on the other hand, can be very helpful in combating other common pregnancy symptoms such as leg aches, back pain, insomnia and irritability. Considering the fact that you can get all these nutrients from just one serving of leeks, it’s no exaggeration to say that it’s a great power food to consider incorporating into your diet.

Tips for Making Delicious Healthy Pregnancy Diets Using Leeks

Serving size – 1 cup raw leeks

– You can prepare the leeks by cutting the lower parts and the fibrous green upper parts and dividing the stems in half. You can then break it into small pieces. However, it is also highly recommended to rinse thoroughly before breaking into small pieces to ensure all hidden particles are removed.

– You can try adding mushrooms and sliced ​​leeks to the plain broth, as well as minced fresh ginger. It is a delicious diet that you can eat without fear even when your stomach is sensitive.

Chives, tahini, and leeks are undoubtedly healthy pregnancy foods and have all the flair to make the nine-month journey tastier for you. However, it is recommended that you seek advice from your doctor before including these powerful foods in your diet. You should always keep in mind that every pregnancy case is different and their doctor is the best person to tell them what works and what doesn’t. Therefore, consider your doctor’s advice above all else when traveling through the three trimesters of pregnancy.

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