The Truth About Glyconutrients

I also recommend glyconutrients for pregnancy as a supplement to improve mother and baby outcomes. I have 11 years of experience with glyconutrients and incredible benefits that are noted and documented by clinical experience. So much so that it is mandatory for all my pregnant patients. These nutrients are so incredible that we would rather give birth to pregnant women than not give birth to them. Therefore, it has been clinically proven that feeding the mother with glyconutrients during pregnancy is safer for both mother and baby.

The very important recovery period is minimized, at least in the last trimester, if pregnant women add glyconutrients to the diet. Mothers have babies and then have to rush to work to care for this helpless newborn. Breastfeeding every 2 hours, nappy washing, umbilical cord care, monitoring and feeding, getting up in the middle of the night to breastfeed, intermittent sleep for only a few hours… This is just a partial list of the mother’s immediate duties. Not to mention taking care of himself, his father, and any other children, if any. What a big deal for mom. He walked away from a marathon running an 18-year marathon! Needless to say, recovery is extremely important to the health of the baby and the entire family.

Now, it makes sense that there is really nothing to “cure” in pregnancy. In fact, during pregnancy, the mother will be able to make her own “candies” as if starving or as an emergency mechanism because, according to science, she cannot and cannot eat them in her diet. Mother nature has the ability to make sugars or glyconutrients, but at her expense.

We are building a baby during pregnancy and prevention is key. We want to prevent infections, gestational diabetes, hypertension, yes and cancers that can occur during pregnancy such as breast cancer. Do these foods “cure” these diseases and conditions? NUMBER!! We are simply fortifying foods from God that have been put on this planet for pregnant women to eat, which contain these essential “sugars” that we absolutely no longer have in our diets. That’s why supporting a pregnant woman is the ultimate PREVENTION THERAPY. As it is food, it is not toxic at any level and is safe during pregnancy. After 11 years and 1000s of moms, I can confidently say that adding these nutraceuticals to the diet improves MOTHER AND BABY RESULTS.

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