The Secret of How to Make Organic Baby Skin Care Products Revealed

When you bring your baby home and want the best in organic skincare, you may find that the best way to get the products you need is to make your own. They’re pretty easy to create and make great gifts too! It doesn’t matter if you’re a new parent, relative or friend, or just want to try making them yourself, you’ll be amazed at how easy and inexpensive these products are to make.

It may take some cooking to make your own organic produce, but you’ll be surprised how easy it really is. Other than brewing some herbs, there’s very little work involved, and if you grow your own herbs, you can make organic baby skin care products almost from scratch using your own fresh ingredients.

It is much safer for your baby to use all natural powders because the talc in most products can cause serious respiratory problems in babies. Although a few doctors recommend that you stop using powder and let the little bottom pop out, you can still create your own natural product to use. Combine one cup of arrowroot powder with one tablespoon of ground dried chamomile and one tablespoon of dried lavender. This powder keeps your baby’s bottom dry and prevents bacterial growth on their skin.

Baby shampoos often contain traces of harmful chemicals. But you can make your own natural baby shampoo very easily by taking four and a half ounces of UNCENTED baby shampoo with four drops of fresh rosemary essential oil with half a liter of distilled water. Boil rosemary slowly in distilled water for thirty minutes; strain into a bowl. Add the essential oil and shampoo and shake to mix.

You should know that essential oils are great for moisturizing the skin and healing skin irritations or redness. Tea tree oil is antibacterial. Both aloe vera and calendula have anti-inflammatory properties and relieve discomfort.

When researching the properties of different ingredients for organic baby products for skin care, you will find that you can easily and inexpensively produce organic products, especially if you enjoy growing your own herbs. Your baby will love the wonderful feeling of using these natural products and you will be happy to know that you are making your own natural products to take care of your child in their best way.

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