The Importance of Keeping Warm During Pregnancy

More than 90% of women experience aches or pains in their back and hips during pregnancy due to changes in the chemical makeup of the ligaments that support your spine and pelvis. During pregnancy, as your body relaxes, your skeleton is less supported, resulting in aches and pains in your skeleton from small movements that weren’t possible before.

Although these aches and pains can be considered mild, it is important to keep your pregnant body warm and comfortable so that these aches do not become more serious as you enter the winter months. The cold itself causes your body’s nervous system to be more sensitive than ever, and when you combine this with the strain on the muscles that can occur when your body gets cold, it’s important to ensure you stay warm and covered during pregnancy.

As more blood circulates in your body than usual during pregnancy, you will find that your body temperature will fluctuate more than usual. The increase in blood flow leads to times of overheating, but can also lead to excessive heat loss; This means that your maternity clothes need to be practical and versatile to cope with the rapid changes in your body temperature.

The back is the area that needs the most comfort during pregnancy and is most at risk of exposure as your pre-pregnancy clothes go up as your belly develops. If you’re trying to stay in your pre-pregnancy clothes longer, opt for lengths in any top and vest so you can keep your back covered even as your belly grows.

Choose thinner, easy-to-remove layers for your maternity clothes rather than a single thick layer, even in the middle of winter. While you may feel like you really need a big, thick sweater when you get out of bed in the morning, you may find yourself overheating after just a short walk and not have the opportunity to remove the offending item without exposing too much meat.

When going out, be sure to remember your extremities. Gloves and hats are a great way to warm up very quickly, and they’re quick and easy to take off when you’re warming up again. Choose a quality maternity gown that will fit your growing tummy and will do even towards the end of your pregnancy. Avoid choosing a size larger on a regular coat, as this not only risks going too high and not keeping your back warm, but it also risks suffocating you and making you look much bigger than you really are. has.

And always remember your feet. As your pregnancy develops, your feet will expand with the pressure of the increasing fluid. Opt for shoes with soft cushioning material and choose socks with little or no elastic in the uppers, which can restrict blood flow and make you uncomfortable when trying to sleep.

Following these simple steps can keep you comfortable and warm during your pregnancy and ensure you have the best possible chance of spending the winter with the least possible discomfort.

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