Stop Skin Picking with Hypnotherapy

Compelling Skin Picking or dermotillomania is a condition that can seriously affect an individual’s personal and business life. It can affect anyone and at any time.

What begins as a seemingly innocent activity – an attempt to deal with minor irregularities and skin imperfections – can soon turn into a compulsion that leaves one feeling powerless and confused.

The person who constantly picks their skin can spend long periods of time with this activity and this can have a really negative impact on their work and social relationships.

In severe cases, this often poorly understood condition can cause severe skin damage, leading to disfigurement.

Usually, the person suffering from this compulsive disorder repeatedly scratches, picks, rubs, or scrapes their nails into the skin. Often this condition can be triggered by stress and unresolved emotional difficulties such as anxiety, grief or simple boredom.

Modern thinking about CSP or dermotillomania is that it belongs to a group of disorders known as Body-Focused Repetitive Behaviors or BFRBs. Other conditions belonging to this group are chronic nail biting and compulsive hair pulling.

It is important for anyone dealing with forced skin picking to consult a medical practitioner so that any potential medical condition can be ruled out.

This is necessary to ensure that skin picking is a separate issue and not a sign of a more serious underlying disorder such as an autoimmune or developmental problem.

Many people find that they begin to peel off their skin at a stressful time in their lives.

Through repetition, the individual learns that by touching the skin they can exert some degree of control, or at least distract themselves from the underlying difficult feelings and emotions. And so skin picking becomes a habit.

Others may have started collecting on the skin following some type of skin disease or injury. As the wound on the skin begins to heal, a crust forms that can feel itchy. This can cause the person to itch or itch, which prevents the wound from healing completely. And this leads to more itching and picking as more crusting occurs.

Often the medical response to dermotillomania is to prescribe a Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor such as Prozac. Although this approach has been successful to some extent, it only works on symptoms. It does absolutely nothing about underlying causes or drivers.

Other approaches include cognitive behavioral therapy, including Habit Reversal Training (HRT), which aims to identify triggers and teach individual coping strategies. This approach has had some success as well, but still focuses on managing real symptoms rather than dealing with the real underlying drivers and cause.

In this therapist’s view, a more effective approach is to uncover the true causes and drivers of skin picking using advanced and expertly applied hypnotherapy techniques and strategies.

Dermotillomania is driven by subconscious impulses, so if we want a solution to this damaging behavior we need to turn to the subconscious mind itself.

Once the underlying causes and drivers of dermotillomania are uncovered, the subconscious mind can be helped to ‘reprogram’ itself and skin picking simply disappears or is replaced by a more beneficial anxiety or stress relief strategy.

If you or someone you care about suffers from compulsive skin picking, skin picking or dermotillomania and you really want to stop skin picking, don’t despair, help is available.

With modern advanced hypnotherapy, you can put an end to compulsive skin picking, regain control and live your life away from this debilitating habit.

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