Reducing Air Pollution Caused by Motor Vehicles

The range of electric cars that will be available soon is impressive. Designed as an exotic two-seater luxury sports car, the Tesla Motors Roadster has a range of 250 miles, a top speed of 125 mph and a ticket price of 109,000, to name a few. Then Tesla Motors Model S, 300 miles range, 5 passengers, four-door sedan, top speed – 120 miles, ticket price $57,400. Described as a “pint-sized urban bully,” Th!nk City is a two- or four-passenger, 2-door, 68mph hatchback, price not yet available. This car is ideal for the city with rush hour which seems to be all day, crowded or no parking and 15-20 mph traffic speed. Given the right price, this would be ideal for my young son who just got his license and tends to drive very fast. Next is the Mitsubishi iMiev, a 5-passenger, four-door hatchback, 100 miles of range, 80 mph top speed, and priced at $46,500.

These cars are 100% gas-free and by 2012 there will be more than a dozen electric vehicles in showrooms and rental fleets. It looks like it will be a car to suit a variety of tastes, needs and wallets. These cars are a step in the right direction because they are emission-free! Here’s the rub. The cars still run on electricity, possibly from fossil fuels. Thus, fossil fuel-powered electricity powered by an electric car indirectly contributes to air pollution, but less so than conventional vehicles. Electric cars could be completely green if they were powered by electricity from solar or wind power. I suspect many people would love to use solar or wind power, but these forms of energy are still costly.

The possibility of using a fuel-efficient vehicle is a distinct possibility. As mentioned earlier, electric cars are a step in the right direction. Alternative energy seems to be the wave of the future and the cost is already falling. Gasoline and diesel vehicles are more fuel efficient, and the consumer can take a look at the Yahoo Green Car Guide before purchasing a vehicle. In addition, products are available that reduce harmful pollutants and improve vehicle performance.

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